CB Radio Channels and Frequencies

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CB Radios offer access to a variety of channels and frequencies which can be accessed by a CB scanner. These include police, fire, emergency, civil aviation, maritime, and other channels. We’ve detailed the different CB radio channels and frequencies, as well as the most common use of some of them, so that you can use your CB radio safely, securely, and throughout the US.

It is important to note that Channel 9 is the designated emergency channel, while channel 19 is used as the highway channel.

Channels 13 and 14 are the nearest to the 27.12MHz frequency and are used for high-power industrial devices.

Besides the regular channels, there also are R/C channels, which stands for radio control. All these specific frequencies are utilized for industrial use and radio control.

Low-power FM walkie talkies, near-field transmitters, as well as several other communication devices also share the R/C channels. The frequencies of R/C channels are 26.995, 27.045, 27.095, 27.154 and 27.195.

The “Typical IF” frequency, often referred to as the receive frequency”, is used with 455 kHz amplifiers.

CB radio range can be increased by bouncing or “skipping, the ionosphere signal. The two skipped channels are 24 and 25 and therefore have a lower frequency than the others.

List of Channels and Their Frequencies

As CB radio offers the availability to transmit on 40 different shared channels, it’s vital that you know them all. Though it should not take long to remember them, as there is a sequence that the frequencies follow, here is a list which you can always refer to.

Channel Frequency Channel Frequency
1 26.965 MHz 21 27.215 MHz
2 26.975 MHz 22 27.225 MHz
3 26.985 MHz 23 27.255 MHz
4 27.005 MHz 24 27.235 MHz
5 27.015 MHz 25 27.245 MHz
6 27.025 MHz 26 27.265 MHz
7 27.035 MHz 27 27.275 MHz
8 27.055 MHz 28 27.285 MHz
9 27.065 MHz 29 27.295 MHz
10 27.075 MHz 30 27.305 MHz
11 27.085 MHz 31 27.315 MHz
12 27.105 MHz 32 27.325 MHz
13 27.115 MHz 33 27.335 MHz
14 27.125 MHz 34 27.345 MHz
15 27.135 MHz 35 27.355 MHz
16 27.155 MHz 36 27.365 MHz
17 27.165 MHz 37 27.375 MHz
18 27.175 MHz 38 27.385 MHz
19 27.185 MHz 39 27.395 MHz
20 27.205 MHz 40 27.405 MHz

Illegal CB Radio Frequencies

There are certain frequencies of which use is not permitted and using them may gain the attention of the Official Observers, also known as the OO’s.

This is somewhat contradictory, as, in order to warn you to abandon the use of the forbidden frequency, they have to access it themselves.

Voice broadcasting is not allowed even if you are a licensed radio user. Upon notifying you, they will provide audio evidence to the FCC together with the violation report. The FCC usually follows up on this by issuing fines to truckers or anyone else guilty of illegal use of frequencies.

Don’t cause yourself unnecessary complications and stick to the 40 channels accessible to you, they are more than enough.