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Best CB Radio

Best CB Radio 2021 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Last updated: May 1, 2018CB radios, also known as citizens band radios, are designed for short-distance communication. They’re commonly used by truck drivers, but the best CB radio is the one that fits your unique needs. The market for short-distance radios has grown in recent years, and there are some advanced features that make communicating with […]

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Uniden SR30C Review

Uniden SR30C Bearcat Scanner Review

Our Uniden SR30C Bearcat review details the main features and capabilities of this new digital scanner model. Overall, the SR30C performs very well, and at its reasonable price it remains a top option for those seeking a powerful but cost-effective scanner option. We love the extensive analog channel access and programming capacity, as well as […]

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Best CB Radio For Truckers

The Best CB Radio for Truckers in 2021

With a growing CB radio market, how do you identify the best CB radio for truckers? While there are many options, some quality radios don’t hold up to the expectations of a trucker who depends on their CB radio for important communications. Whether you’re buying your first CB radio as a new truck driver or you […]

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Best Compact CB Radio

The Best Compact CB Radio in 2021

How do you find the best compact CB radio? Today’s market offers some amazing older models that have been selling off the shelves for generations as well as more modern models with innovative features. It can take time to gain an understanding of all CB radios currently offered and then select the one that best fits […]

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Truck Driver Talking On A CB Radio

CB Radio Lingo

CB radio users have developed their own distinct form of communication which is used to communicate with the CB community known as CB Radio Lingo. By using these terms, CB radio users can feel connected and share stories easily. As in all languages, slang plays a predominant role in getting the message across, and the […]

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Frequency graph

CB Radio Channels and Frequencies

CB Radios offer access to a variety of channels and frequencies which can be accessed by a CB scanner. These include police, fire, emergency, civil aviation, maritime, and other channels. We’ve detailed the different CB radio channels and frequencies, as well as the most common use of some of them, so that you can use […]

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CB Radio

What is CB Radio?

A CB radio, also known as a citizens band radio is a two-way radio which is intended for both business and personal use. CB radio is based on a system of short-distance radio communication between individuals on a collection of 40 channels in AM or SSB mode, however, you can only communicate with other SSB radios […]

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What Is SSB Radio

What Is SSB Radio? Single Sideband Explained

In radio communications, SSB or Single Side Band modulation is a type of modulation used to transmit information like audio signals through radio waves. As a form of refined amplified modulation, SSB uses transmitter bandwidth and power more efficiently. Amplitude modulation creates an output signal with twice the bandwidth of original baseband signals. Single Sideband […]

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Whistler WS1025 Review

Whistler WS1025 Analog Desktop Scanner Review

Product OverviewOur Whistler WS1025 Analog Desktop Scanner review finds that it is a solid option at a great price. With 200-channel access and 10 memory banks, as well as access to emergency frequencies and programming capacity, the Whistler WS1025 is a great entry level option for those seeking a desktop scanner with a solid feature […]

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Best SSB CB Radio

The Best SSB CB Radio in 2021

The best SSB CB radio will give you more reach than a standard CB radio, but selecting the right model is essential. If you already have a high-quality CB and want to upgrade to something more powerful, a Single Side Band model is a great idea.  We understand how difficult it is to identify the highest […]

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