How To Use a Police Scanner

How To Use A Police Scanner

A police scanner or radio frequency scanner is a device that allows people to communicate in a specific area. The device can track waves in a given locality, just like a radio. Radio scanners are commonly used for emergency services, although people now often use them just for fun or for in their car.  Using a police […]

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Do All Walkie Talkies Work Together?

New walkie talkie owners often ask “Do all walkie talkies work together?” For example, people want to know if walkie talkies of different models or different brands will work together. I will discuss that question in this article.  The short answer is yes, all walkie talkies can work together if they are on the same frequency, […]

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Best CB Radio For Truckers

The Best CB Radio for Truckers in 2021

With a growing CB radio market, how do you identify the best CB radio for truckers? While there are many options, some quality radios don’t hold up to the expectations of a trucker who depends on their CB radio for important communications. Whether you’re buying your first CB radio as a new truck driver or you […]

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Ham Radio VS Shortwave Radio

Ham Radio vs Shortwave Radio Explained

Many aspiring radio enthusiasts, when starting out on their exploration of radio devices, get confused about ham radio vs shortwave radio. As a result of their confusion and lack of knowledge, they end up with a device that does not meet their expectations. Ham radio and shortwave radio are not alike just because they have […]

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Best Cheap Shortwave Radio in 2021 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

As with any product, affordability, or rather the value for money factor plays a very important role in our purchase decisions, and that certainly applies to finding the best cheap shortwave radio which still delivers high performance. Why should you buy stuff that offers the same features or maybe slightly better features than others at […]

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Best Shortwave Radio 2021 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Shortwave radios have been around for a long time but even today in 2021 they hold the same sway over radio enthusiasts that they used to decades ago, and that’s why so many folks are looking for the best shortwave radio. Reason; they are the simplest and most effective means of communication across local towns, […]

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Best Ham Radio

Best Ham Radio 2021 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Finding the best ham radio is key to enjoying this fresh, fun way to interact without the use of smartphones and the internet. With a ham radio you can talk to people in your local town or state or even in other countries of the world. It’s a truly unique experience which even in 2021 […]

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Best Walkie-Talkie For Kids

Best Walkie Talkie For Kids in 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Finding the best walkie talkie for kids can be hard since there are so many options on the market. Walkie talkies are known to have a wide range of uses for both professional and recreational use, and the current market is exploding with new products geared specifically towards children. These walkie talkies, which generally have […]

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Playing Capture The Flag

Fun Walkie Talkie Games To Play

Our in-depth guide demonstrates several fun walkie talkie games to play with your friends and family! Walkie talkies are used in our society for a variety of purposes, ranging from public safety to personal recreational use. Walkie talkies are a great tool to have when communicating with friends and family, whether you are hiking through […]

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Best Solar Powered Emergency Radio

Best Solar Powered Emergency Radio 2021

A solar powered emergency radio can save you and your family or friends during times of crisis, but it can also keep you entertained during normal times. If you are looking for the best solar powered emergency radio don’t look any further, because we have made a list of some of the best solar powered radios […]

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