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The best long range walkie talkies are those that are reasonably priced but offer huge distance and range. Most manufacturers of consumer walkie talkies list ranges of 30 miles or more for their products. However, you only get that performance under ideal circumstances, when there is a direct line of sight between your devices with no obstructions.

It is however not very likely that you will be using your walkie talkie under these ideal conditions. You probably want to use your walkie talkies for things like skiing or hunting, and in these situations there will most likely be lots of obstructions like trees or buildings, which will dramatically reduce the range of your walkie talkies. Realistically you should not expect an effective range of more than 1 or 2 miles for most consumer two radios.

So when you absolutely need more range than that, what you need is a walkie talkie with more power and a truly higher range. Generally speaking the best long distance walkie talkies are the ones with the most power, so this article contains some of the more powerful consumer walkie talkies available at a reasonable price. We hope you enjoy our list of the best long range two way radios!

Long Range Walkie Talkie Reviews

There are some great walkie talkies available on the market and here we review some of the best models with a long range that are worth checking out.

Midland GXT1000VP4

Among some of the best long range walkie talkies is the Midland GXT1050VP4. This walkie talkie is already one of the more popular walkie talkies currently available, and its strong range certainly contributes to that. It has a high power output, which results in a strong effective range of up to 36 miles. The Midland GXT1050VP4 also comes with a variety of accessories from a fast-charging base station to a car charger and a hands-free earpiece.

You can not only use it communicate with your friends on a hiking trip, but this device can also be used in the areas where your phone doesn’t have reception.

Some of the other notable features of the Midland GXT1050VP4 are: great clarity, weather channels and alerts, hands-free mode, silent mode, group mode and lots more.

The Midland GXT1050VP4 is among the best walkie talkies available today. Buy this amazing model now and you will not regret investing in it for your long range communication needs.

DeWalt DXFRS800 Walkie Talkie

A great contender in the list of best long range walkie talkies is the DeWalt DXFRS800. The brand DeWalt is known worldwide for producing high quality communication devices, and this one lives up to par. With 2 watt power and a heavy-duty and shock resistant design, these walkies can withstand a beating and will give you great communication across long distance or elevation. You can read our Full DeWalt DXFRS800 Review here.

The DeWalt DXFRS800 also has some of the most amazing features you will find in any walkie talkie. Even with adjustable clips and heavy-duty build, it still has an effective range of several miles under many different circumstances.

This walkie talkie is strong and rugged, with extra-large buttons to help you operate it even with gloves on, which makes it very suitable for outdoor use, or for use on work sites.

This walkie talkie works even in those areas where your phone fails you and you can use it no matter where you go.

Motorola T800 Walkie Talkie

Another great long range walkie talkie is the Motorola T800. Known for its range and providing loud and clear sound communication, this walkie talkie is the perfect choice for taking with you on long trips. The Motorola T800 delivers a wonderful amount of power, and comes with great features like Bluetooth connectivity, location sharing, and emergency communication options. Expect a range of about 15-20 miles in most conditions, though that can vary from about 2/3 miles to 35 depending upon your terrain.

The Motorola T800 has dual power with AA batteries and NiMH batteries, so you never have to worry about power.

With several other amazing features such as Mobile app connectivity, off-grid group messaging, and weather proof design this walkie talkie with it’s compact design and powerful specs will be an amazing choice to take on your next trip.

GOCOM G600 FRS Walkie Talkies

The GOCOM G600 FRS are sleek and modern walkie-talkies with many convenient features. These hands-free devices have a couple of water-resistant features that make them great for outdoor use.

For one, the keypad is water repellant, allowing you to use the functions without the worry of internal damage. Also, the entire device features IPX4 waterproofing, protecting it from light rain and splashes.

With the help of the bright LCD screen, you can easily read the information even on the foggiest days. Plus, the clear and loud sound transmission is ideal for keeping your hands free. Alternatively, you can switch between three different sensitivity levels to help make the walkies easier to use.

With the help of the NOAA weather scan and alert feature, the device will automatically tell you of inclement weather. Simply engage this feature, and the device scans through 11 weather channels, looking for the strongest alerts in your area. As updates are made, an alarm will sound, and the LCD will flash visibly to indicate there’s a risk of severe weather.

If you’re looking for walkies that offer plenty of privacy, this walkie talkie set is something to consider. They have 22 individual channels with 121 CTCSS privacy codes, offering up to 2,662 possible channel combinations.

Uniden SX507

If you search for long distance best walkie talkies you will definitely come across the Uniden SX507. Uniden is a popular brand in the world of electronics and they have completely outdone themselves by producing this amazing walkie talkie with immense range. This walkie talkie has an incredible listed range of over 50 miles. So if you take it with you on a camping trip you will be able to stay connected with the world no matter where you go. With this device you can access various channels and receive local alerts through the NOAA channels.

Not only does this walkie talkie have a great range but it also has a tough body and a compact design so that you can easily take it with you anywhere without damaging it. It is also certified to withstand complete submersion in up to 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes, which is a huge plus for those planning to use this device out at sea, near a lake, or by the river.

The Uniden SX507 also has great battery life, but even if it runs out on you it comes with rechargeable batteries that you can replace easily. It is an incredible device and you will definitely not regret buying one, which is what makes it our easy Number #1 Overall Pick!

Long Range Walkie Talkie Buying Guide

There are certain things you need to consider when you set out to buy a new long distance walkie-talkie and here are some factors that will help you find the perfect device for yourself.

Walkie Talkie Range

The most important thing in any walkie talkie is the performance and effective range. All walkie talkies are designed according to the range they can work on. For a wider range, the device is made more powerful with stronger batteries. Although you can find several walkie talkies that claim they can transmit over a long range, you should look for a device that is powerful and has a great performance so that your device will be able to function as well as you want it to.

Long Range Walkie Talkie Battery Life

When you set out to buy a walkie talkie you also need to check if the device has a good battery life or not. There is no point in having a long range walkie talkie when it keeps running out of battery power after using them for a short amount of time. And since compact walkie talkies need more power if they are able to cover larger distances they will run out of power even faster!

Long Range Walkie Talkie Privacy Codes and Noise Cancellation

When you set out to buy a long distance walkie talkie you also need to see whether or not it has all the other features you want in your device. There are some good two-way radios available that come with specs such as privacy codes and noise cancellation. Other features to look for is whether or not your device can receive news and noaa weather alerts and is able to receive cell phone signal from different types of channels, such as FRS and GMRS.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s)

How long can walkie-talkies reach?

To the surprise of many, most cheap/normal consumer walkie-talkies will only work for up to 1 or 2 miles in a city or other crowded conditions like mountains. If you need truly long distance, you should do your research and check out the models on this list, because you cannot expect the advertised range on many models to be the true “real life” range, a fact the walkie talkie companies will tell you discretely but don’t emphasize. Don’t get caught out of range with a bad purchase!

Is there a long range walkie talkie capable of working over 500 miles?

No, there is not a walkie talkie on the market that can reach 500 miles in a line-of-sight transmission. Though some two-way radios claim to have ranges up to 50 miles, the reality is that actual communication range is much shorter due to various impediments such as terrain and interference from other radio signals.

To achieve longer distances of 500 miles or more, one or more repeaters must be employed to effectively re-transmit the signal. This is because radio waves generally do not travel that far on their own and can be affected by obstacles in their path.

What is the longest range walkie talkie?

While some customers might use repeaters or other high-end licensed equipment, we believe the Uniden SX507 to be the best long range walkie talkie currently on the market with an advertised range of 50 miles. That makes it our top performer and the best longest range walkie talkie today. That said, the Midland GXT1000VP4 is a great second option at a lower price, with a 36 mile range advertised. With both, you should expect less in most conditions with obstacles / hills / other impediments to communication.

What are the best waterproof long range walkie talkies?

There are a few things to consider when looking for the best waterproof long range walkie talkies. The most important factors are signal strength and clarity, range, and durability.

Signal strength and clarity are especially important when outdoors or in other challenging environments. It’s also important to find walkie talkies with a wide range to ensure maximum coverage. And finally, it’s essential that any walkie talkie you choose is tough enough to withstand outdoor conditions.

What is the best long range walkie talkie for 50 miles?

We would definitely recommend the Uniden SX507 for those who are looking for a walkie talkie that can cover up to 50 miles. It is highly rated by customers, has excellent features and great battery life as well. It is also a long-range walkie talkie which gives you better protection in wet environments.

How far can walkie talkies communicate?

The Range Walkie-Talkies can communicate up to 35-50 miles, with a clear line of sight. This range will vary depending on the terrain and environment. Trees, hills, tall buildings, and other obstructions can cause communication range to be significantly reduced. In order to maximize performance, it is recommended that users stand in an elevated area away from any interference.

What are the features of a long distance handheld radio?

The features of a long distance handheld radio typically include extended range, better reception, and clearer sound quality. Additionally, some radios may come equipped with additional features such as weather alerts or emergency notifications.

What are the benefits of using a long range walkie talkie radio?

The long range walkie talkie radios can be a lifesaver in emergency situations. They can also be very helpful for communicating with others when you’re out hiking, camping, or exploring in remote areas. Some other benefits of using a long range walkie talkie radio include:

  • Increased safety: Being able to communicate with others from long distances can help keep you and your group safe in dangerous situations.
  • Enhanced productivity: If you’re working on a project outdoors and need to communicate with others nearby, the long range walkie talkie radios signal can make communication much easier and more efficient.
  • Greater flexibility: Unlike cell phones, long range walkie talkies do not require any cell phone signal.

How do I choose the right long distance two way radio for my needs?

When choosing long distance two way radios, there are a few factors you’ll need to consider. The first is the type of terrain you’ll be using the radios in. If you’ll be using them in open areas with good reception, then any quality two way radio should do the trick. However, if you’ll be using them in more difficult terrain or locations with poor reception, you’ll need to make sure that the radios have a good range.

How far can walkie talkies transmit signals?

Walkie talkies can transmit signals up to a few miles depending on the model and terrain. The higher the transmission power of the walkie talkie, the further the signal will travel. However, there are many other factors that can affect how far a signal will travel, such as weather conditions, buildings or obstructions in the way, and distance between users.

Best Long Range Walkie Talkies for Skiing and Mountains?

If you’re planning to use your long range walkie talkies for skiing, we believe the best option is the Midland GXT1000VP4. We’ve found the Midland GXT1000VP4 to have the most consistent high-performance on the mountains, with great battery life and hands-free capability which can be huge while you’re shredding down the slopes. That said, the Uniden SX507 could also work, as could the Motorola T800 if you’re a Motorola fan.

Long Range Walkie Talkies of 100 miles, 200 miles, or 500 miles?

There are no consumer FRS / GMRS walkie talkies which can offer you over 100 miles of range on the market today. The closest you will get is 30-60 miles from some of the models we’ve listed above, and even that is in perfect conditions like desert or open water. If you need more communication, you’ll need a higher-powered radio with repeater features. Check out the Midland MXT400 for an idea of what that could be.

Best Long Range Walkie Talkie for Kids?

The best long range walkie talkie for kids is the Midland GXT1000VP4 or the Motorola T800. Both offer great features which are easy to use, and the buttons are small enough for people of any ages to use. The instructions are also easy to follow once you get the hang of it, and you won’t have an issue teaching your young ones to use these walkie talkies.


Long range walkie talkies are the perfect choice for people who love hiking and traveling to difficult terrain. There are many models available on the market of which the manufacturers claim that they work over long ranges, but not all of these walkie talkies live up to these claims. We recommend you go with the Uniden SX507 or Midland GXT1000VP4 to ensure you get the range, battery, and overall quality you are looking for in a long range walkie talkie.

So if you are looking for a good long distance walkie talkie then you should do a little research before buying one. You should look for the model that fits all your requirements and not only works well in ideal conditions but also allows you to communicate in tough areas. If you do a little research you can easily find a good walkie talkie with an excellent range. We hoped you enjoyed our overview of the best long range walkie talkies!

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