Motorola T260TP Walkie Talkie Review

by Martin C | Last Updated: September 24, 2020

Motorola T260TP Review

There is one thing that is almost universally loved, known for making you feel better, and more connected with yourself and those around you. No, it’s not alcohol, though a glass of whiskey can be nice – it’s nature. A pleasant walk, hike, or time in the park can elevate your mood and make your day better. Another way people experience nature, ironically, is in a car, going on road trips across the country to see all of the scenic landscapes and towns.

One of our favorite ways to experience the outdoors is camping, spending a weekend out under the stars in the woods. This can be a beautiful experience, and is something most should surely try at least once. When you are out there, however, you still want to feel safe and connected, and that’s why many campers bring walkie talkies with them. It’s important that communication is accessible to all your party, and the Motorola T260TP package supplies three walkie talkies so that your whole crew is on the line. In this Motorola T260TP review, we’ll explore all the ways in which the T260TP is an amazing walkie talkie to bring on your camping excursion or road trip, designed to help you be safe and comfortable in the great outdoors.

Best Features of Motorola T260TP Triple Pack

In this Motorola T260TP review, we hope to show just how multi-purposed and reliable this triple pack of walkie talkies can be. Although we mentioned camping and road trips, this is also a great device for general within house communication, or any sort of hike or activity where you might need a walkie talkie – at least within reasonable range. The Motorola T260TP is not only capable of reaching across long distances of up to 25 miles unobstructed, but is robust, easy to use, and comes with built-in features ideal for outdoor activity. One of our favorite aspects of the T260TP is that this product comes with 11 weather channels installed, so that it is easy to know what sort of weather might be heading your way. This ensures that if a storm is coming, or any sort of natural disaster were to occur, anybody with the Motorola T260TP could immediately find out and make themselves safe. This walkie talkie also comes with a scanning feature – pressing the scan button will scroll through and check which channels are currently in use. This way, you can easily find out which channel your friend may be on, or find a free channel. The Motorola T260TP comes with 22 channels all with 121 privacy codes; there are countless options for creating a secure, private channel if you so wished. All of this makes it so easy to prepare an outdoors trip and feel safe and ready.

What Could Be Better for Motorola T260TP

Although the Motorola T260TP does have many benefits, there are a few areas which we could look for improvement, one in particular being the range. As with all walkie talkies, the 25 mile range is calculated for an open landscape, such as ocean. This means that you can communicate across far unobstructed spaces, or from vantage points like the tops of hills. However, it’s important to know that this range, as with all walkie talkies, depends on conditions. For example, if the device you are trying to reach is on the other side of a mountain, the range will likely be a decent amount lower, and if you are using this for a convoy of moving vehicles, the range is more likely to be around 1 mile. However, we do not want this to discourage you – this is how all walkie talkies work. For the price that this device is listed at, you would be hard-pressed to find any walkie talkie offering a better range! If you want to check out a different triple pack of walkie talkies, you can look at our Midland LXT630VP3 Review.

Motorola T260TP Specs

The Motorola T260TP comes with rechargeable batteries which provide up to 10 hours of charge – on the flipside, using three standard AA batteries will provide up to 29 hours.

As we mentioned, the scan feature will scan through in use channels. The T260TP also has a low battery alert to notify you when you are running out of charge. The device comes with 22 channels each with 121 privacy codes. Another key feature is hands free mode, allowing you to keep your hands busy while still communicating. There is a communication tone which indicates when you should talk – this way, you can be sure that you and whoever you are talking to can be clear with each other and on the same page. Finally, the Motorola T260TP comes in at 6.42 x 2.13 x 1.24 inches – this is the perfect size for throwing in your pocket, or strapping to your waste. Whether you are out in the woods pitching a tent and collecting firewood, or any purpose, you will be free and capable to be fully mobile while using the device – which weighs only 6.4 ounces.

What Comes In The Box?

The Motorola T260TP comes equipped with everything you’d expect from a three pack of walkie talkies. When you receive your package, your box will come supplied with three radios, three belt clips, three battery packs, 1 “Y” Cable Charging Adapter with dual micro-USB connectors, 1 Charging Cable, and finally 1 user guide. This way, upon your purchase, there is absolutely no need to buy any additional equipment to get your walkie walkies functional. That being said, you still can opt to buy a pack of AA batteries to use for the additional battery life – this is unnecessary however.

Motorola T260TP Warranty and User Manual

We’ve gone ahead and found the Motorola T260TP user manual for you. This manual provides everything you need to know to successfully operate your device, although due to the smart, simple design, much of this can be figured out by fiddling around with it. For the Motorola T260TP warranty, the exact terms can be found here. This is a limited one year warranty. In case you want a longer period of coverage, Amazon offers the option to pay a small fee for an additional two or three years of protection.


In this Motorola T260TP review, we explained both the benefits and the areas of improvement for this particular Motorola walkie talkie. The T260TP is a sturdy, reliable three pack of walkie talkies, that comes installed with everything that you need from a standard walkie talkie unit. Simple and accessible controls over frequency bands, and easy to access weather channel information makes this the perfect walkie talkie for camping, an outdoor trip, hiking, or even on the road. With this bundle providing three units, it is the perfect package to bring out with more than two people, or even to use the third as a backup. As we like to say, three walkie talkies are always better than two. Although the range of this device is dependent on terrain, for the price, this is the best you will find. In the T260TP, Motorola provides a great set of outdoor walkie talkies that you can trust.

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