What is a Police Scanner?

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A police scanner is a communications receiver mainly used for monitoring VHF and UHF radio systems which police departments operate on. Moreover, these scanners have the ability to store an immense amount of channels and can also tune in to various types of transmitting signals, so you can get access not only to police channels but fire, EMS, and others as well.

What Is A Police Scanner Used For?

Police scanners play a major role in journalism and criminal investigation and also allow individuals, who are not part of the police department, to keep up to date with emergencies and events in the area.

Additionally, police scanners provide a fun pastime for radio hobbyists who enjoy eavesdropping or want to keep track of certain events which are still unfolding. Police scanners are also highly beneficial for individuals involved in neighborhood-watch groups. By knowing exactly what is happening around or within their vicinity, they can better prepare and alert the community before and during emergency events. This can increase neighborhood security and safety for your family and others.

What Channels Should I Program On My Police Scanner?

It is also recommended to program fire department and medical services channels into a police scanner, as police often attend to emergencies such as these. Police often communicate with these agencies while responding to calls and investigating happenings.

In a crisis, police scanners enable police to give assistance to various other law enforcement agencies. This allows for disasters and emergencies to be handled and dealt with in a far more productive and effective fashion. Furthermore, many users also incorporate frequencies and channels for listening to airports, taxi companies, railroads and even colleges.

On a whole, a police scanner is an innovative communication device with a wide range of capabilities and advantages for individuals and law enforcement agencies alike.

Interested in Buying a Police Scanner?

Like many folks, you might be interested in getting a police scanner so you can access emergency channels and be informed of events in your community. That’s why we’ve put together an awesome guide on the Best Police Scanners for you to find the perfect match today.