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Marine radios are essential for staying safe while out at sea. Regardless of whether you have a small boat and just sail occasionally or have a huge ship and run a business, a marine radio is an absolute must have. Cobra marine radios are some of the most popular on the market because of their great performance, thoughtful and easy to use design, and affordability. Cobra has many different types of marine radios, including their handheld marine radio line. This includes the Cobra MR HH150, MR HH350, MR HH450, and the MR HH600. These four marine radios are all great options, but fit the needs of different types of customers. Our Best Cobra Marine Radios review will dive into all four of these models and help you pick the best one for your needs!

Cobra MR HH150 FLT Review

The Cobra MR HH150 is the entry level handheld VHF marine radio from Cobra. It offers solid performance at a low price, and is ideal for sailors and boaters who mostly frequent lakes, shorelines, and other moderately distanced bodies of water. 

The MR HH150 offers 3 watts of power and this provides solid range for several miles. It comes standard with IPX8 JIS7 waterproofing and floating technology. The MR HH150 can certainly handle some time in the water, but we wouldn’t recommend planning on submerging for extended periods of time over half an hour or so. 

The battery life on the MR HH150 is really solid and comes in at around 12-14 hours. This means you could use it occasionally for several days on the water without worrying about needing to charge the AAA batteries. If you do need to charge, you must use the charging base station that comes standard with this set. The MR HH150 has access to NOAA emergency weather alerts as well as international communication channels for emergency usage. 

Overall, our Cobra MRHH150 review finds it to be solid as it offers pretty good value considering its reasonable price tag. It won’t amaze you with insane strength or crazy features, but it will get the job done and provide you peace of mind. If you’re on a budget or just need a serviceable option for your marine radio needs you definitely can’t go wrong with the MR HH150. 

Cobra MR HH350 FLT Review

The Cobra MR HH350 FLT is one of the most popular VHF marine radios on the market because of its overall performance and value. With up to 6 watts of power and sixteen channels for communication, as well as full IPX7 waterproofing, you can tackle lakes, oceans, and rivers with the Cobra MR HH350 confidently. 

The MR HH350 has got all the NOAA Weather alerts, durability, and great battery life of the MR HH150. Where it stands out is its higher power and thus range. Unlike the MR HH150 which wouldn’t be ideal for communication at open sea, the MR HH350 does have the power to get the job done for most folks. 

You can expect around 10-12 miles of solid range with the MR HH350, which is tremendous considering its affordability. For most casual boaters this will be plenty to remain in contact with nearby boats and the shore, and allow you to explore around a bit without worrying about losing communication in an emergency. It’s also great that you can adjust your power output between 1, 3, and 6 watts as needed to fit your range demands and battery level.

The Cobra MR HH350 is super popular and is backed up by thousands of happy customers. Among our best Cobra marine radio reviews, the MR HH350 review proved it to be the best overall balance of performance, value, and durability on this list, which is why it is the best Cobra marine radio. 

Cobra MR HH450 FLT Review

The Cobra MR HH450 FLT brings a different approach to the table which especially appeals to fisherman, hunters, kayakers, and other outdoorsmen who might want to use these both while boating but also out doing activities. That’s because Cobra designed the MR HH450 as what they call an “All Terrain Radio.”

The MR HH450 has got the waterproofing and marine radio features which you expect, but is also tooled and designed to withstand rugged outdoor adventures in the rain, snow, dirt, and all the other elements. Uniquely, the MR HH450 also offers replay technology which allows you to repeat messages in case you missed them. 

The Cobra MR HH450 not only offers the high performance and range of the M$ HH350, it goes further with GMRS technology as well as increased sturdiness for on-land use. It also comes with two great designs, one of them being camouflage. We absolutely love the Cobra MR HH450 Camo for its amazing quality and design, it looks fantastic and is a great addition for fishing or hunting near or around water. 

If you love boating but also do a lot of outdoor activities, the Cobra MR HH450 is a great compromise in the middle. You get a uniquely designed and great looking marine radio which also serves you well out in the field. That uniqueness impressed us throughout our Cobra MR HH450 review and is the reason why we’re so fond of this marine radio!

Cobra MR HH600 FLT Review

The Cobra MR HH600 is the top of the line VHF marine radio from Cobra, with built-in GPS and Bluetooth making it uniquely high-powered and versatile as a complete communication solution for you. Surprisingly, it’s not actually that much more expensive than the MR HH450 or MR HH350 despite those awesome added features.

Perhaps that’s why the Cobra MR HH600 is so popular with so many users. It has top of line performance at only a mildly more expensive price, which makes it a great investment if you’re looking for those added features and range and are not on a budget. 


Much like its younger siblings, the Cobra MR HH600 is rigorously waterproof, has NOAA access, international channels, and great battery life. It has top of line range at up to 15 miles, over 50% more than the MR450. It also comes with the Rewind replay technology and is fully floating and colorful in case you drop it!

Where the Cobra MR HH600 stands out is its GPS and Bluetooth capabilities. The MR HH600 has a built in GPS receiver which means you can not only verify your own location easily but can also transmit those coordinates out to nearby users through DSC technology. This added tech offers another level of safety and location-tracking which is ideal for those who venture out deeper into sea or for fleets which need to stay in touch with one another throughout their commercial activities or transportation. The MR HH600 also has Bluetooth tech which means you can communicate with other BT devices be they another MR HH600 or cellphone.

The GPS and Bluetooth tech really add value to this marine radio, which makes our Cobra MR HH600 review quite favorable. We love the overall performance and design, and we’re not put off by the slight bump up in price from the MR HH450 at all. We recommend this to those who want the added GPS and BT features or who plan to travel farther out to sea and need 15 miles or so of total range.

Cobra Marine Radios FAQ

What is the range of Cobra marine radios?

The range of Cobra marine radios range depending upon which model you get. You can expect anywhere from a few miles of range with the Cobra MR HH150 to up to 15 miles with the higher-end Cobra MR HH600. 

Do you need a license to use Cobra marine radios?

For most use cases you do not need a license to operate a Cobra marine radio. The exception would be if you modified the marine radio above allowed power levels, if you operate near specific zones or locations which ban transmission, or if you use the marine radios during certain activities. For more information you can check out this guide.

Can Cobra marine radio be used on land?

Yes you can absolutely use your marine radios on land, though the VHF they use is not designed to go through obstacles or hills. That said, the Cobra MR HH450 is a perfect example of a marine radio which is also designed for use outdoors and fishing and can certainly work well on land or near water.