Best Police Scanner App for Android and iPhone

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Police scanner apps have become popular in many societies with many people downloading and installing them on their smartphones. A police scanner can be a source of new adventures, since you will be able to ‘act as a police’ by accessing all the breaking news and listening to various feeds. Police scanners are meant to notify the police of various locations of crimes or areas where emergency support or services are required.

Best Police Scanner Apps for iPhone and Android

The popularity of police scanners has been rising over the years. This rising popularity has led to many police scanner apps being developed. With the many applications available, you might find it difficult to choose the best police scanner app. The remainder of this article lists some of the best police scanner apps out there.

Best Police Scanner App for iPhone

The 5-0 Radio Police Scanner is one of the top police scanner apps in the market. The most important feature in this app is its ability to allow you to listen to radio calls on the background while you continue using other applications on your iPhone or Android device.5-0 Police Scanner Radio

5-0 Police Scanner App for iPhone Features

  • The application allows you to email yourself a link that you can use to listen to radio calls on the background. While using the application, you can create new feeds and make a list of them so that you can listen to them later.
  • If you lose your internet connection, the application tries to reconnect you to the feed automatically. It also allows you to listen to feeds through your other devices such as laptop, mp3 player, and computer, or through your browser.
  • When using the application through a web browser, the application automatically deletes all adverts.
  • If you find some of the feeds interesting and would like to share them with your friends, the application allows you to email them easily.
  • If you are using this application, you can easily store codes for EMS, police, military, or fire departments. For easy accessibility, you can store the codes in an alphabetical order.

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Broadcastify Police Scanner App for iPhone and Android

Broadcastify logo

The Broadcastify application for iOS and Android will allow you to listen to live conversations from aviation, EMS, fire, rail, police, and the military. This application comes with various features that include:

  • It will allow you to choose the country and county you would wish to listen from across the world.
  • Broadcastify gives you an opportunity to add feeds that you like to your favorite list, making it a convenient app to use. You will also have the opportunity to isolate your favorite list and categorize them into feeds like ‘Feeds near home’ or ‘Feeds with Alerts’.
  • The application is different from the rest as it allows you to create a Broadcastify account that ensures convenience and ease of use.

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Police Scanner Radio by Logicord (iOS, Android)

Police Scanner Radio by LogicordThis application will impress you right from the beginning with its amazing comic design. The design makes the app easy to use in addition to being eye catching. It comes with a variety of attractive features.

Some of the unique features of this free app include:

  • It allows you to listen to feeds in the background while you are using other applications on your device, making it a great and user-friendly application.
  • With this application, you will have access to a great collection of feeds from across the globe. This means that you can listen to a wide range of frequencies although the number of listeners may be limited.
  • It allows for customization: It will allow you to scan for feeds from your town and listen to them to stay updated on what is happening around you.

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Best Police Scanner App for Android

The Scanner Radio application comes with unique features and basic scanner features such as live listening to feeds from over 5,300 feeds from across the globe, and it is only available on Android!

Scanner Radio Android app

Scanner Radio for Android Features:

  • You will have access to 50 new feeds that are updated automatically after every five minutes. You will also receive feeds list based on the most recently added, favorite feeds, and commonly listed to feeds.
  • The application is user friendly and functions efficiently.
  • You will get the ability to know the number of people listening to various feeds and you can easily set the number of views a feed should have before you can see Broadcastify alerts from it.
  • You can have the player stop immediately the earphones are unplugged. To set the player on such a mode, you will need to change its settings by accessing its ‘Player Settings’ section.

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Police Radio Scanner SE for iPhone and Android

Police Scanner SE

Police Radio Scanner SE is one of the best police scanners that you are likely to find on the web today. To use this application, you only need to click on the application’s icon and you will be listening to live radio from emergency workers.

The radio scanner comes with other features such as:

  • It is user friendly.
  • This application allows you to choose the country from which you would like to listen to feeds, making it easy for you to choose a specific live radio.
  • It comes with an inbuilt special trial button for the Chicago police and an exit button to allow you terminate the live radio.
  • You will be able to regulate the volume of the live radio and even play it in the background while using other applications in your gadget.

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In Conclusion

The list above comprises of some of the best police scanner apps that you are likely to come across today. We are optimistic that you will love all of the applications mentioned in this article. We’ve provided download links for all the apps so you can try them out on your iOS or Android device and see which one you like best.

All of the applications are available to download for free. However, some of them also provide a paid version that will give you access to some additional features such as more live radio call alerts and feeds.