Best Walkie Talkie Baby Monitors

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Having a baby can be such an amazing experience, but it certainly comes with its ups and downs and having a walkie talkie baby monitor can help you make every day better. It can be stressful to have to get up several times during the night, and often you might find yourself wishing you could better monitor your baby and know when they actually need you. A walkie talkie baby monitor can help you know they are safe and sound and help you sleep soundly, while also alerting you if they do indeed need help or are crying. We’ve reviewed some of the best walkie talkie baby monitor to help you keep your baby safe and to get more sleep.

Best Walkie Talkie Baby Monitors Reviews

Here’s our definitive list of the best walkie talkie baby monitors with great features and quality at reasonable prices. 

HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor Review

The HelloBaby Baby Monitor is one of the most popular on the market because it has a ton of great features but is still reasonably priced. The HelloBaby has a two-way radio system like a walkie talkie, where you can hear and speak on both ends of the communication. This can be helpful if your baby’s room is down the hall and if your partner is with them and you are still in bed. You also get a great video feed which means that you can keep an eye on your baby and ensure they are not getting up to any mischief or trouble. 

The HelloBaby baby monitor also has some other great features which help keep your baby safe and you calm. With its ability to keep track of the temperature, you can be sure that the room is not dangerously hot or cold. Similarly, the HelloBaby has great quality and night vision which means that you can see clearly even if the lights are off in the room. The HelloBaby baby monitor is powered by a wall plug, so consider where you might plug it in and the arrangement of your baby’s room when you buy.

The walkie talkie two way radio feature of the HelloBaby is what makes it so unique and great. You can both hear your baby but also talk back to them. Sometimes this can allow them to go back to sleep without you getting out of bed, which can be such an amazing feeling. The HelloBaby baby monitor also has great range and will have no problem operating throughout your house unless you live in some crazy big mansion! Overall, the Hello Baby Baby monitor is the best walkie talkie baby monitor on the market because of its packed feature set yet great price.

VTECH DM221 Audio Baby Monitor Review

Another great walkie talkie baby monitor is the VTech DM221 as it has great range and a simple design at a low price. The VTECH DM221 is built to be easy to use and straightforward. That said, it still has strong features like a range of up to a thousand feet and a clear and bright LCD display. If you want to talk to your baby you can, as it has its walkie talkie feature and also has built-in sound level noting which means you can adjust the audio trigger level which activates the transmission. This means that you will only get notified and hear your baby’s sounds when they go over the threshold, which can help you save some sleep if your baby only cries once or twice.

The VTECH DM221 is powered by their lithium ion batteries or by being plugged into the wall, so you can use both power levels if you want to and plan to have the device plugged in all day. We should note that you can only expect a few hours of use on just the battery, so try to use it plugged into the wall. The VTECH DM221 also has a smart clip that can be attached to your pants or your shirt, and this is super convenient if you plan to do chores around the house and want to keep track of your baby as they take a nap. This is unlike other models where they can only be left in one room. Overall, the VTECH DM221 is a solid cheap walkie talkie baby monitor option for those on a budget or who just want a simple walkie talkie baby monitor. 

GoodBaby Walkie Talkie Baby Monitor Review

The GoodBaby walkie talkie baby monitor is a fantastic walkie talkie baby monitor which also comes with strong range and battery life as well as video capacity. The GoodBaby walkie talkie baby monitor also has a great design and looks fairly high-tech and sleek despite being straightforward and easy to use. The GoodBaby walkie talkie baby monitor connects with your internet and has great speed, and also has a solid LCD screen which is clear and bright. You can set the Vox to only be triggered over certain sound levels, meaning that you can adjust as needed for your baby’s volume and temperament and not hear every single little noise.

The GoodBaby walkie talkie baby monitor has two way radio features that mean you can get great sound quality as you talk to your baby and soothe them with lullabies from the other room. As your baby gets older and starts to learn some words you can speak to them, and this can make all the difference in soothing them and getting them to go back to sleep when you can’t be with them immediately or if you don’t want to get out of bed right away. The GoodBaby baby monitor is portable, versatile, and well-designed, and can also fully rotate to any position you need to. You can expect up to 12 hours of battery life, though it may be shorter if you’re using video and constantly updating the screen. You can pair the GoodBaby walkie talkie baby monitor with other GoodBaby camera as needed to get a full room picture. The GoodBaby walkie talkie baby monitor is an excellent choice and is one of the best walkie talkie baby monitors on the market today especially at its great price. 

ANMEATE Video Baby Monitor

The ANMEATE Video Baby Monitor is an excellent example of modernized baby monitors. Besides the high-quality video monitor, it also has temperature monitoring and a 960-foot transmission range. With an incredible number of features, it will prove to be your most helpful tool. The high-capacity battery on this device means you’ll have plenty of power to access the night vision and two-way talk features. Then, there’s the high-quality HD screen, which offers twice the magnification power to cover the entirety of your baby’s nursery. Also, the screen is just under 2.5 inches, ideal for seeing finer details of the room.

With the help of night vision, eight built-in infrared LED lights monitor your baby’s movements. The best part is that when it’s dark, the night vision function automatically engages, as does the temperature monitoring.One of the most exceptional features of this device is its two-way talk compatibility. With this, your baby monitor can grow with your child, allowing you to talk back and forth.

Alternatively, you can turn the microphones off and use the four preprogrammed lullabies to soothe your baby to sleep. With the high-capacity battery, the device lasts up to eight hours in eco-mode, which means it can last through the night.

When mounting your new monitor, you can opt to affix it to the wall or place it on a tabletop. You’ll have access to a collection of other impressive features, like pan/tilt functions, manual 360-degree panning, manual 60-degree tilting, and more. Finding the perfect point of view to keep your eyes on your baby at all times has never been simpler.

TimeFlys Audio Baby Monitor, Mustang

The TimeFlys Audio Baby Monitor, Mustang is a kid-friendly device for any room in your home. It offers long-range communication of up to 1,000 feet with two-way talk, temperature warnings, lullabies, and more. The two-way talk function is the most notable, allowing parents and children to communicate back and forth. Therefore, when soothing your baby to sleep, you can either do so with your voice or use one of the eight programmable lullabies.

At night, be sure to take advantage of the nightlight control, which allows parents to adjust the device’s settings. On your half of the remote, you can quickly turn the nightlight on or off as needed.

Another impressive feature of this device is its temperature monitoring. It’s crucial to ensure that your baby’s nursery is comfortable, safe, and optimal for sleep. With the built-in temperature monitoring, parents can see the real-time warmth of their baby’s room.

If the room reaches unsafe temperatures (past 60.8 degrees Fahrenheit), an audible alert will sound. These alerts are also available with a vibration function to wake you up peacefully so that you can address any concerns.

The LCD screen on your new monitors shows you all of the most important information in a straightforward fashion. You can review the room temperature, battery life, lullaby selection, and nightlight.

To make setting the unit up simpler, everything you need comes with your order. You’ll get two USB cables and adapters, two sets of rechargeable batteries, a storage bag, and a user manual.