CB Radio Lingo

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Written By Martin C

CB radio users have developed their own distinct form of communication which is used to communicate with the CB community known as CB Radio Lingo. By using these terms, CB radio users can feel connected and share stories easily.

As in all languages, slang plays a predominant role in getting the message across, and the CB radio users incorporate their own unique slang lingo. Nicknames are known as “Handles”, and many truckers will refer to each other by the word “Hand”.

Over the years, new additional words have been added to the language, making it ever more broad and sophisticated. There are a lot of words, enough to make up a CB Oxford dictionary, but here are a few popular terms for you to get to know. For a full list, you can take a look at this link.

CB Radio Lingo for law enforcement

Bear trap – Police officer running radar

City kitty – Local city police officer

Smokey – Police officer

Flying donut – Police helicopter

County mounty – County sheriff

Blue light special – Police vehicle with blue lights flashing

Mama bear – Female police officer

Bubble gum machine – Old-style police vehicle

Checkpoint Charlie – Police checkpoint

Fox in the hen house – Unmarked police vehicle

CB radio for non-police vehicles and trucks

Meat wagon – Ambulance

Salt shaker – Snow plow

Blinkin winkin – School bus

Scanny – Scania truck

K-whopper – Kenworth truck

Bobtail rig – Road tractor without attached trailer

Piggy back – Truck towing another truck

Super chicken – Yellow freight truck

Wiggle Wagon – Truck with more than one trailer

Skateboard – Flatbed trailer

“Hundred-mile coffee” – very strong coffee

“Credit card machine” – Narrow, two-lane bridge

“Cash Box” – Toll booth

“Outdoor TV” – Drive-In

“Sandbagging” – Listening in without talking

“Double-nickels” – 55mph speed limit

“Groceries” – Meal

“Angry kangaroo” – truck with broken headlights

“3’s and 8’s” – Love and kisses

“Pickle park” – Rest area


Though these terms are used for destinations within the United States, they are very interesting. Here are some and for the full list you can use the same link provided.

Lost Wages – Las Vegas, Nevada

Steam Town – Scranton, Pennsylvania

Windy City – Chicago, Illinois

Idiot Island – California

Cow Town – Okeechobee, Florida

Bingo – Binghamton, New York

Derby City – Louisville, Kentucky

Rock City – Little Rock, Arkansas

Mickey Mouse – Orlando, Florida

Motor City – Detroit, Michigan

As you can see from these examples, CB radio lingo make use of a large array of innovative slang words, providing an enjoyable and rather humorous way to communicate. This is one of the reasons why CB radio communication as a hobby is so popular and, unlike most languages, it is very easy to learn.