5 Games Your Kids Can Play With Walkie Talkies

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We’ve all seen walkie talkies used in many business and commercial applications. These devices are excellent at what they’re designed to do, whether it’s facilitating communications between park rangers, helping boat captains give their crew orders, or simply making it easier for construction managers to speak with on-site staff from the comfort of their offices.

Walkie talkies might be known for their performance in professional applications, but they can also be incredibly fun for kids to use. Indeed, your child can use work walkie talkies to play various games with their peers.

While most kids are great at inventing their own games, you can use the ideas listed below to help make their play time more enjoyable with the help of walkie talkies. Here are 5 games your kids can play with walkie talkies.

1.     Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Hunts are a timeless activity that kids of all ages love to participate in. After all, who doesn’t love the thrill of hunting for prizes hidden around an area? You can help make your child’s birthday party more exciting by organizing a scavenger hunt where you hide prizes in a large area, such as around a backyard or in a private playground.

You can then give your child and their peers walkie talkies before letting them split up into teams. The kids can then commerce their scavenging activities and communicate with their teammates to inform them whenever they find a prize or have exhausted a particular area. This activity can keep your kids occupied for hours, so consider setting it up.

2.     Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is possibly one of the oldest kids games in the world. It tests your child’s ability to find ingenious places to hide and also tests their seeking abilities. Adding walkie talkies to the mix can also increase the challenge for people who are hiding.

This is because walkie talkies allow the seekers to split up and communicate with one another instantly. They can go over the different areas they’ve searched and eliminate hiding spots until they have finally found all those who are hiding.

The sound of the walkie talkies may also alert kids who are hiding and give them a chance to move to different locations quickly. This makes the activity even more interesting.

3.     Custom Challenges

You can also help your child feel like they’re in a game show by setting up custom challenges around a wide area. For example, you can have kids rummage through piles of leaves to locate multiple keys, one of which will open a safe containing prizes.

Your kids can use the walkie talkies to monitor each other’s progress and determine if they have gathered enough keys to return to the safe and try their luck at opening it.

Kids are great at coming up with inventive outdoor game ideas.

You can also create team challenges in the form of obstacle courses that kids must jump, crawl or squeeze through in teams. This challenge can include a rule that requires runners to reach the end of the course before the next person in their team is allowed to start their run. These runners and teammates can communicate with each other swiftly using walkie talkies.

4.     Blindfolded Follow the Directions

Blindfolded games aren’t as popular anymore due to the risk of children bumping into objects and hurting themselves. However, a safer alternative is to set up games where kids can direct their blindfolded teammates toward a particular goal.

For example, you can set up a flagpole around your backyard and create a team-based game where blinded-folded participants must be guided while being instructed through a walkie talkie.

This game is best played using two-way radios such as Go Com walkie talkies with hands-free voice-controlled Push-To-Talk functions. You can also attach lanyards to these walkie talkies to prevent the blindfolded participants from accidentally dropping and losing them.

5.     Fugitive

Fugitive is a fun game that combines elements from many fun existing games such as “Cops and Robbers” and “Capture the Flag”. This game’s setup is relatively straightforward.

Kids are divided into two teams called “Fugitives” and “Cops”. The fugitives’ goal is to leave a specific starting point and make their way to the “safe” zone. The cops are allowed to pursue these fugitives from the same starting point, but after giving them a short head-start.

The cops can use walkie talkies to communicate with each other and chart out a successful pursuit strategy. This game can be intense, especially if the safe zone is located several hundred meters away from the starting point. Fugitive is especially fun if your kids have a large area such as a public park to run across.

Learning About Fun Walkie Talkie Activities

The games described above should offer your kids hours of endless fun. If you’re interested in finding the best walkie talkie brands for kids, consider checking out the guides over on Walkie Talkie Central. We have researched many walkie talkie brands and models and can teach you how to find walkie talkies that fit your needs.

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