GOCOM G200 and G600 Walkie Talkie Review

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GOCOM is a relatively new entrant to the walkie talkie market, yet their GOCOM G200 and G600 walkie talkies are excellent two-way radios at a very affordable price. They’ve got a great balance of features, simple design, and low cost, which makes them an extremely popular option for users seeking walkie talkies for neighborhood adventures, hiking and camping, and other fun activities.

Dive into our comparison of the GOCOM G200 and G600 walkie talkies to help you choose the best one for your needs.

GOCOM G600 Walkie Talkie Review

The GOCOM G600 has a straightforward design which makes it easy to use for kids, adults, and seniors.

GOCOM G600 FRS Two-Way Radio (2-Pack)

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The buttons are well sized and responsive, and it is easy to change the channel or volume as you need. The GOCOM G600 offers the standard 22 channels on FRS frequencies as well as privacy channels, which means you can communicate easily and safely with all other consumer radios. The G600 comes with standard features like power-saving and roger tone, as well access to NOAA Weather Alerts which can help keep you and your family safe in an emergency or while you are out on your trips. You also get Vox hands-free capacity which means you communicate as needed even when you’re busy doing something else.


The GOCOM G600 offers up to 32 miles of range, but that’s in optimal conditions. Like most consumer walkie talkies, you’ll usually get a few miles of range. That said, considering the low price of this walkie talkie it offers really quality range. Getting up to 4-5 miles at this price point is extremely high value, as you’d usually have to pay over $100 for a walkie talkie like that – the GOCOM G600 does it for ⅓ of that price!

Battery Life

The GOCOM G600 is powered by AA batteries which you can charge up using the included USB cable or using the base cradle. With either option, you can expect to fully charge the walkie talkies from dead in about 4 hours. The battery life is pretty impressive given the price point, as you can expect up to 20 or so hours of use. Given the easy charging nature of these GOCOM G600 walkie talkies, you’ll be able to power them up and pretty continually use them


The GOCOM G600 has IPX4 weatherproofing which means it can withstand mild elements and won’t break down easily. It’s got a decently tough exterior and doesn’t feel cheap. That said, it’s not a heavy-duty waterproof walkie talkie in the sense that we wouldn’t recommend you use it on the water or when it’s aggressively raining or snowing as you might run into issues. But for 90% of use cases for you and your family the GOCOM G600 will meet if not exceed expectations.

GOCOM G200 Walkie Talkie Review

The GOCOM G200 has a similar overall design as the G600, yet it’s a bit cheaper for a few reasons.

GOCOM G200 Rechargeable FRS Two-Way Radio (2-pack)

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For one, it has a lower top range of about 16 miles, but in most conditions you can expect more like a mile in most tough conditions. The GOCOM G200 does not have IPX4 weatherproofing, so the G200 is better for use inside or in clean environments with little water or dirt.

Overall the GOCOM G200 is a great choice for use by kids or seniors, as its low price but still solid enough to take a beating. And, while the GOCOM 200 walkie talkie isn’t ideal for long range communication, we definitely recommend it for casual use and its low price point is hard to beat.