Motorola T107 Walkie Talkie Review

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Motorola T107 Review

Our Motorola T107 review finds it to be a great walkie talkie for girls, with its pink flair and solid design. It is one the best value walkie talkies at its under $30 price tag, and it comes with strong range and battery life given its affordability. It is our favorite walkie talkie for girls overall, and we highly recommend it!


Motorola always bring their A-game on their walkie talkies, and the T107 is no different. Expect solid design and quality, but no waterproofing.


While not the walkie talkie you would choose for long-range communication, its perfect for neighborhood adventures or camping!


It’s hard to find a better walkie talkie for the price than the T107! With much higher value than the cheap brands, the T107 is a steal at under $30.

Motorola T107 Overview

A long standing titan of the industry Motorola continues to put out amazing tech products at affordable costs. The Motorola T107 is no different, coming in a beautiful pink color it is perfect for girls and women alike, and at its core a simple to use and family friendly device. Whether it be a hike or just a relaxing day at the park these lightweight and small walkie talkies are perfect for families to carry around throughout the day without every feeling like a burden. Moreover, the Motorola T107’s radius is long enough to let your young ones roam free without ever feeling like they are too far away to call in and let you know that they’re safe. Our full Motorola T107 review will survey everything that is great and not so great about this walkie talkie, and why it’s one of the best walkie talkies for girls and women.

What We Love About The Motorola T107

The first thing any consumer looks at before buying a product is price. Well the Motorola T107 is a FRS walkie talkie that sells as a 2-pack for just under $30, making it extremely affordable. The radios operate on up to 22 FRS and GMRS channels. The FRS channels 1-14 are the lower power channels that any citizen can use. You can expect about 1-5 miles of range, but that is highly dependent on the landscape and buildings within an area. We found that concrete, for example, tends to absorb radio waves so one would have trouble communicating more than a mile away in a big city. However, we found that on hikes and in open space parks one can communicate up to 3 miles with crystal clear ease. For the price, you’re actually getting fairly good range.

Besides the low price and bang for your buck radius the biggest draw towards the T107 is that they are absolutely great for kids. Coming in a pink color scheme which is not only fashionable, but they are extremely easy to use and a great way to teach your child how to use a communication device without having to buy them a cellphone. The pink colorway coupled with their simple use would make these walkie talkies a great gift for your daughter and her friend who lives right down the street.

What Could Be Better

While our testers loved the simple and versatile uses of the Motorola T107 there were some issues that should quell some of the higher expectations. The T107, while meant for family uses, is not life proof, meaning it should not be left outside or be used near water. We found that submerging it in water rendered the device completely useless, but a little bit of rain should not leave one worried. Next the battery life: Motorola emphasizes that the model has a 18 hour battery life, but our tests found 5-6 hours is more realistic. The low battery signal will flash when there is about 1 hour remaining. Finally, as previously mentioned the 16 mile radius is an ambitious one. Realistic expectations should be set around 1-3 miles depending on topography. So while we love how easy and seamlessly it is to use these walkie talkies the advertising on both the battery life and range is a bit far fetched.

Motorola T107 Battery Life

The Motorola T107 is powered by 3 AAA batteries, and depending on the variety pack one buys, batteries may be included in the purchase. Motorola emphasizes that the model has a 18 hour battery life, but as mentioned before you should expect less, especially if you plan to use it all day. That said, most customers will want this walkie talkie for their kids to play with for an hour or two, so the device might actually go for many weeks without you needing to re-charge. The low battery signal will flash when there is about 1 hour remaining. We recommend families either bring extra sets of batteries on their trips with them or have an extra set of rechargeable batteries nearby.


The Motorola T107 is extremely light coming in at .25 pounds and its dimensions come in at 1.1 x 1.91 x 5.22 inches respectively. A perfect fit for the small hands of a toddler or teen, and even for adult women.

What Comes In The Box

Inside the box one will find 2 Radios, 2 belt Clips and 1 user guide. The belt clips are perfect for attaching the walkie talkies to your pants, bicycles, backpacks, and many other areas.

Motorola T107 Summary

Whether on the trail or in your yard, the Motorola T107 is ready for easy to use two way communication at the simple press of a button. Perfect for families and girls, this walkie talkie will definitely help your daughter make a fashion statement, but an extremely affordable price. With a value point of 2 for less than $30 we definitely recommend bringing these to your next socially distanced picnic as they are small, fit in kids pockets, and have a battery life that lasts long enough to entertain while the range is long enough to amaze. We hope you enjoyed our Motorola T107 Review!

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