Motorola T265 Walkie Talkie Review

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Motorola T265 Review 

Whether it be hunting or just camping, a common problem parents face is whether or not to take their kids with them deep into nature. Outdoor activities can be a great way for kids to enjoy and explore nature and get away from all the distractions that plague their everyday lives at home. However, this can be scary for parents as without cellphone service, communication problems can arise.  If you fall within this criteria and are looking to take your young ones or just a group of friends out of the house and into the wilderness, then the Motorola T265 is the perfect walkie talkie for you.

Fairly priced, this device is everything you need in an outdoor walkie talkie. It provides features and accessories that are designed specifically for people who frequent the outdoors. In the following Motorola T265 review, we hope to tell you why this is the perfect walkie talkie for people planning their next outdoor trip.

Best Features of Motorola T265 

The Motorola T265 comes in at a bit more pricey than most Motorola walkie talkies. However, our team found that it is hard to beat the value this walkie talkie offers. While this device could be applied to a wide range of activities, it is most ideally suited for the outdoors. Plus, the bundle includes great earpieces which make PTT communication a breeze. 

The walkie talkies operate on up to 22 FRS and GMRS channels and come with a camouflage carrying case which is perfect to put in a backpack if carrying them becomes too much of a burden. Next they come with rechargeable batteries, and from doing our own tests our team has found that the battery life on these devices can last for up to 12 hours on a single charge with constant use and up to 2 days with minimal use. Which means they are perfect for weekend long camping trips where you may not be able to find an outlet. Moreover, spare batteries can be used if the rechargeable batteries run out.

In terms of actual communication, the Motorola T265 includes a push-to-talk button which easily allows one to connect to fellow hunters and campers in the forest. And unlike most walkie talkies which rely on radio towers the Motorola T265 has special emergency features which means when the grid is down you can still receive messages from the NOAA communicate to emergency responders. Finally, the Motorola T265 also includes special weather forecast channels and boasts a 25 mile frequency range. All these factors together make the Motorola T265 an easy to use hands free communication device perfect for the great outdoors!

Motorola T265 Specs 

Dimensions and Weight

The Motorola T265 is a little heavier than most weighing in at 1.5 pounds and its dimensions come in at 6.42 x 2.13 x 1.24 inches. But of course this is an outdoor walkie talkie and we can attribute its larger weight to its extremely large battery life. 

Power and Charge

The Motorola T265 comes with two AA rechargeable batteries and a micro-usb charger that on a full charge can last at least 2 days with minimal use. The bonus is that this device can take other AAA batteries. Which means if the AA that are included run out you can replace them with AAA batteries that should last up to 20 hours with minimal use. 


You can expect about 3-7 miles of range from this device. Our tests found that on fairly flat outdoor land we could communicate from 5 miles away without any problems. We expect that one should set their expectations between 2-7 miles rather than the 25 miles range Motorola details. Moreover, we found that in rocky mountians the communication was hard to hear over 2 miles, but in flatter forest areas we could communicate up to 5 miles with ease.

What Could Be Better

While our testers loved the simplicity of The Motorola T265 and its ability to serve multiple outdoor purposes. This walkie talkie may not be ideal for those looking to use them while doing water sports. While nearly life proof and water resistant this device is not  waterproof and may not function if completely submerged in a lake. Finally, as previously mentioned the 25 mile radius is an ambitious one. Realistic expectations should be set around 2-7 miles depending on topography. That being said if on dry land that is relatively flat we could not recommend a better walkie talkie at this value.

What Comes In The Box

When you buy the The Motorola T265, you will receive two units, as well as 2  rechargeable AA batteries, 1 Y Cable Charging Adaptor with Dual Micro-USB Connectors, 2 x Belt Clips. Everything you need is here and we recommend checking out the user manual for additional tips and tricks.

Motorola T265 Warranty and User Manual

Motorola offers a one year warranty when you purchase the Motorola T265 from an authorized re-seller on Amazon. This covers any damage caused by manufacturer error or malfunctioning equipment. If you’re looking for help using your new walkie talkie, you can check out the full Motorola Talkabout T265 User Manual

Motorola Talkabout T265 Walkie Talkie Summary

The Motorola T265 is an easy to use, powerful walkie talkie which is perfectly suited for outdoor activities ranging from camping with a family to hunting with a group of friends. Durable and lightweight, the device will provide everything you need for your next outdoor adventure. Great communication, weather forecasts and emergency features. We hope our Motorola T265 review has helped clear up issues one might have had and convinced you that this the best inexpensive outdoor walkie talkie one could buy! If you’re interested in checking out other great walkie talkies, be sure to head over to our Best Walkie Talkie Buyer’s Guide for in-depth information!

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