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Walkie-talkies for kids have been popular for decades. Still, the demand has never been as great as today, with more than several firms specializing in manufacturing communication devices that can be used by 6 to 12-year-old kids.

In this article, we will be going over the Retevis RA17, which is made by one of the leading brands. It comes in a pack of three (yellow, blue, red) with a reliable LED flashlight and a couple of other accessories that will have your little one prepared and excited for that camping trip. Let’s get started!

Power Source

First and foremost, all three walkie-talkies are powered with AAA batteries, and you get 12 of these in the package. One of the best points about this product is its durability, as even when the initial 12 batteries expire, you should have no problem finding the replacement one at any retailer.


It is great to know that although made for kids, the Retevis RA17 offers a superb range. Thus, your little one will be able to communicate up to 16 miles away as long as there aren’t any obstacles. Testing this product a few times, we’ve discovered that it offers clear audio at 3 miles even if the area is completely blocked. Not only that, but it also does a good job of removing static noise from the audio.


We love that this VOX-friendly product is made suitable for newbies. Thus, your little one will be able to speak to their friends without reaching for the PTT button. This hands-free walkie-talkie is secured with a key lock function. It is a particular keyboard lock feature that prevents youngsters from altering settings by mistake while playing. As a result, you can be confident that your child will benefit from all of the features of Retevis RA17 without being able to interfere with its operation.

One of the best features is that it has HD sound. With only a few easy button instructions, your child will be able to enjoy the crisp and smooth sound quality as well as adjust the volume level. Not only that, but the Retevis RA17 has an auto squelch feature that significantly reduces background noise.

As previously said, it can keep a consistent signal across a lengthy distance of 3 to 16 miles. Not only that, but the strong transmitter and excellent reception sensitivity improve overall functioning, ensuring that your child gets the most out of their time outside.

It’s wonderful to know that you can keep an eye on your child’s activities in case they get sidetracked by a chat with their pals and walk off.

Among the cool design details are that the Retevis RA17 is incredibly simple to use and is lightweight, weighing just 79 grams. Additionally, it has an anti-slip ergonomic design that is necessary with kids if it falls out of their hands. Also, it comes with over 22 channel-subchannel combinations, which are ideal if your whole family wants to join the conversation.

Discussing the structure, it features an LED flashlight that goes a long way when your little one uses the walkie-talkie in the evening hours. As for the overall durability, the 4xAAA batteries per walkie-talkie should last for months. Keep in mind that it is best to remove the batteries when the walkie-talkie is not in use.


  • Ergonomic Design
  • Long Range


  • Build Quality

Wrap Up

The Retevis RA17 is a product that we would recommend to any parent who wants to invest in a hands-free walkie-talkie that offers a range greater than a few yards. It is an ergonomic and versatile product that you and your little one will have loads of fun with.

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