Retevis Walkie Talkies Reviewed – Pros, Cons, Alternatives

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If you are someone who loves their outdoor adventures, you want to make sure that you have a walkie talkie that can keep up with you and whomever you are adventuring with. But which walkie talkie is the best option? There are plenty of options that you can look into, especially within different price ranges. This article will take a closer look at Retevis walkie talkies as well as some interesting alternatives to consider.

Top Retevis Walkie Talkie Options

This section will take a look at some of the best options available from Retevis.

Retevis RT21 Rechargeable Long Range 2-Way Radio

On the more expensive side, this walkie talkie offers up to 12 hours of battery life and is very lightweight. This is a very durable walkie talkie that can stand up to practically anything that you can throw at it while you are outdoors. In addition to having excellent battery life, there’s also the ability to fast charge it when you use the charger. This is such a lightweight option that even kids can easily carry it around when outside.


  • User-friendly and easy-to-use
  • Shock, water, and dust resistant
  • Alerts for low battery warnings and other emergency notifications
  • Antenna that is long and durable
  • Solid connection no matter where you are


  • Poor battery quality, with a battery that drains even when plugged in
  • Lacks a display screen like other walkie talkies
Retevis RT21 Heavy Duty Rechargeable Two Way Radio (6-Pack)

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Retevis RT29 2-Way Radios

This is another expensive option, but one that is definitely worth considering. The RT29 is a more rugged option, making it also a heavier option. With a heavier walkie talkie, you get a rugged build that was meant for withstanding more impact than other options. Another major selling point for these walkie talkies is the potential for 5-mile ranges when using these walkie talkies. While this longer range is what you can get in optimal settings (such as completely open environments), you still have long range and a variety of channels to help prevent interference.


  • Designed to be drop-resistant
  • Great battery capacity
  • Excellent range
  • Flexible clips
  • Charging stations for each individual walkie talkie


  • Really long antennas
  • Shoulder mics are cheaply made
Retevis RT29 Long Range, High Power Two Way Radio (4-Pack)

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Retevis RT66 Walkie Talkies Long Range Rechargeable 2 Pack

The RT66 is one of the cheaper options available from Retevis. It is on the more lightweight side, with a very simple design. This walkie talkie is brightly colored, which means you can easily find it should you drop it while outside. With only a 2-button design, it is extremely easy to use making it an ideal walkie talkie for beginners. It is compatible with other models of Retevis walkie talkies, and it has a quality lithium-ion battery that can last up to 12 hours.


  • Brightly designed and durable
  • Has a battery saving function
  • Offers fast charging
  • Comes with various accessories including a lanyard, belt clips, and USB charging base


  • Not great signal range (only 2 miles)
  • Large antenna

Alternatives to Retevis Walkie Talkie

Want some more options to consider in addition to the Retevis walkie talkies? These are some other great models that you can take a look at.

Arcshell Rechargeable Long Range Two-Way Radios with Earpiece

The Arcshell radio is an affordable option that is lightweight and offers long range of up to 5 miles in optimal settings. This is a walkie talkie that you can use in both outdoor and indoor settings, which can make it a very versatile option. Something that makes this particular option stand out is that it uses 6 lithium-ion batteries, which can last between 8 and 96 hours depending on your usage. It is also water-resistant, which is a great feature to have if you like going outside.


  • Quality and durable battery
  • Water-resistant
  • Quality sound quality
  • Automatic battery functions including power saving, overcharge protection, and alert for low battery


  • Lacks a display screen
  • Range is highly dependent on your location
Arcshell Rechargeable Long Range Two-Way Radio
Things we liked:
  • Value - Six-rechargeable radios for less than $80
  • Decent coverage across a property of around an acre.
  • Sold under various brands which makes accessories/replacements easy to obtain.
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Motorola RDU4100 12.5kHz 4 Watt 10-Channel Business Two-Way Radio

This is easily the most expensive option mentioned in this article. But with the high price, you do get water-resistance and incredible range. The range for this walkie talkie is up to 30 floors within a building or up to 350,000 square feet in an open area. It also has the potential for incredible battery life, depending on the battery you are using for it. The added benefit is that this model has a hands-free option, which is great depending on what you need your walkie talkie for.


  • Water-resistant
  • Excellent battery life
  • Voice scramble settings for privacy
  • 121 codes for interference elimination


  • Only a one-way radio
  • Obstructions can impact transmission
Motorola RDU4100 10-Channel Business Two-Way Radio (2-Pack)

The 4-watt Motorola RDU4100 walkie talkie is set to operate in 12.5kHz mode and is designed to hear and be heard in noisy environments. With no display or keypad, you’ll be able to experience enhanced audio quality, rugged design and versatile customer programming software, ready to tackle all of your on-site business needs.

Things we liked:
  • Range of 350,000 sq ft and up to 30 floors
  • Good quality 2-Watt audio output
  • Heavy duty construction
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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions to help you choose the right walkie talkie for your needs? Here are some frequently asked questions that can help you make this important decision.

Is Retevis a Good Walkie Talkie?

Retevis has a solid reputation in the industry for having high-quality and reliable walkie talkies. They often have much better sound quality than some other options available. These walkie talkies are also often very simple to use, which can be great especially for people who may not have a lot of experience with these devices.

Who Makes Most Reliable Walkie Talkies?

There are several brands that are well-known for making reliable walkie talkies, including Retevis. These walkie talkies have great features and can be more affordable than some other options. The whole point of this brand is to make reliable and user-friendly walkie talkies so that people can communicate while they are enjoying the great outdoors. This is especially important in case an emergency does happen.


Retevis walkie talkies are incredibly rugged and reliable options to consider. But, there are other great options on the market that you can also consider. Just remember that you will get exactly what you pay for when it comes to walkie talkies. It can be worthwhile to spend a little bit more to make sure that you get something that you can count on, especially should an emergency arise. This article has pros and cons that can help you consider which walkie talkie option is the best one to consider.

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