5 Situations Your Child Shouldn’t Be Caught Without a Walkie Talkie In

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Every concerned parent does the best they can to keep their children safe in different environments. However, such safety shouldn’t prevent kids from experiencing the great outdoors. After all, every child can benefit from being able to get out once in a while and participating in outdoor activities.

Such children can stay safer if they have a handy walkie talkie with them. These devices are designed for the outdoors and can help your child in difficult situations. In this guide, we’ll go over 5 situations your child shouldn’t be caught without a walkie talkie in.

1.     Camping

Camping is one of the greatest pastimes for outdoor enthusiasts, and parents often pass their love for camping to their kids. You might be wondering whether a walkie talkie really is necessary for camping trips. The answer is yes.

If you go on multi-day camping trips with your family, you may encounter many situations where you need to split up. For example, your partner and one of your children may decide to spend some time gathering firewood before dusk while you and your other children stay back at the campsite to prepare the tents.

In this situation your child can use a walkie talkie to stay in touch with you regularly. This device can also help them feel more secure if they take a wrong turn and get separated.

2.     Ski Trips

Skiing is a great outdoor activity that allows kids to get some intense exercise in. Most kids can seem unstoppable once they finally learn to ski and hit the slopes. However, such children will still need to stay connected to you or others in their skiing group.

For example, your child may get ahead of you on the slopes and forget which direction to turn to stay on the right path. In this situation, they can use a walkie talkie to communicate with you quickly and make a decision before it’s too late.

A Go Com walkie talkie could be especially useful in this situation because the device features a hands-free voice activated transmission system. Your child can use this feature to communicate with you without having to push any buttons on the walkie talkie while skiing.

3.     Hiking

Hiking is another outdoor activity that’s great for exercise. Many people enjoy visiting remote hiking spots and moving up hillsides to scenic lookout spots. However, not everyone has the stamina and energy to hike up a hillside non-stop.

If your kids have more stamina than you do, you may encounter situations where they get much farther ahead of you. In this situation, your child can stay in touch with you and the rest of your hiking group using a walkie talkie. Such devices are especially useful for hiking trails with no cell service. This is because walkie talkies don’t require cell phone towers to function, as they transmit signals directly to one another.

4.     ATV Trail Riding

Many motorsports enthusiasts love bringing their children along for their activities. This includes riding ATVs. These off-road vehicles are perfect for kids who are itching to drive, but aren’t old enough to get a driver’s license.

Lots of parents rent or own a fleet of ATVs for their families. They then take them on ATV trails out in the countryside. This activity is great for getting some fresh air and enjoying some high-speed thrills. However, driving these speedy off-road vehicles in groups can be tricky.

There are many great walkie talkies designed for kids.

ATV drivers often need to maintain a safe distance from one another to avoid collisions. However, this also creates the potential for some people to get separated from the group. ATV riders must wear helmets at all times for safety reasons, but these helmets also obscure part of their vision. As a result, someone will have trouble telling if the person riding behind them is no longer there. If your child happens to get separated from the rest of the riding group in this manner, they can use their walkie talkie to contact you immediately.

ATV riding trails are often located in remote areas, so being separated from other people for even a short time can be incredibly frightening for children. Being able to stay in touch with you during this separation will help them remain calm and patiently wait to be reunited with you and the rest of your riding group.

5.     Fishing Trips

Fishing is a great activity that teaches your child the value of patience. There’s also nothing like the thrill of taking the fish you and family have caught home and preparing a great meal out of it.

If you and your family intend to go fishing with a large group, you may need to use multiple boats. In this situation, your group might split up into an adult group or a kids group and then have the adult group lead the others in the boat.

Equipping your kids with walkie talkies can be useful on these excursions because it will allow the people in your group to communicate with the other group quickly. This may be necessary to inform the person operating each boat where they plan to stop or if they have run into engine issues.

Learning More About Walkie Talkies

The situations described above are just a few instances where your child will need to use a walkie talkie. If you want to know how to find walkie talkies for kids, consider checking out some of the other guides we have up at Walkie Talkie Central.

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