Why Wishouse Walkie Talkies are Perfect for Kids

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The world of walkie talkies is vast and brimming with different manufacturers. Having so many options can be great, but it can also be overwhelming. After all, how do you know which brands offer the best devices for your needs? It can be even more challenging to find a suitable walkie talkie for others, such as your children.

Many leading walkie talkie manufacturers design walkie talkies for kids, but one company has stood out in this area over the years: Wishouse.

In this guide, we’ll go over some reasons why Wishouse is our top recommendation for parents who would like to get suitable walkie talkies for their kids. So let’s dive into it!

What is Wishouse?

Wishouse is the trademark registered by Shenzhen Baobeila Electronic Co., Ltd, an electronics manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China. The manufacturer has been operating since 2019 and produces a wide range of electronics such as baby monitors, intercoms, radios, and GPS tracking devices. They currently sell walkie talkies under the Wishouse name.

A quick Amazon marketplace search for “Wishouse” reveals that the company offers a few different walkie talkie products, each of which is geared toward kids. The company’s Amazon store page currently lists three different walkie talkie models. These devices are sold in sets of various sizes ranging from two to five, and are sorted based on recommended age ranges.

What Makes Wishouse Walkie Talkies Perfect For Kids?

Let’s look at some reasons why we believe Wishouse’s walkie talkies are perfect for kids.

Bright Colors

Most walkie talkies are designed with functionality rather than style in mind. For this reason, adult walkie talkies typically come in dull or uninteresting colors such as black or yellow. Wishouse ditches this approach by offering walkie talkies in a variety of bright and striking colors.

Kids love electronic devices that come in fun colors, so they’ll definitely want to keep their Wishouse walkie talkie close by on trips or during play time. These bright color schemes are also useful because they help the device stand out. If your child leaves their Wishouse walkie talkie in your backyard or on a picnic table, you should be able to spot it from far away thanks to its striking colors.


Walkie talkies are outdoor devices and should be built to withstand the worst that nature throws at them. However, some of them aren’t designed to withstand the situations your child puts them in, such as getting dunked in the pool or taking a dip in your backyard birdbath.

The good news is that Wishouse’s walkie talkies are completely waterproof. This means your child can satisfy their curiosity about whether sound can travel through water without damaging their talk walkies.

Built-In Flashlights

Wishouse walkie talkies also contain an extra feature that isn’t found on most other walkie talkies: A flashlight. This feature might not seem all that special in an era where every smartphone has a torch. However, your kids could utilize this flashlight if they’re caught in a situation with a dead phone.

For example, a walkie talkie flashlight could come handy if your child needs to navigate in the dark during a camping trip.

Detachable Lanyards

Walkie talkies aren’t expensive devices. However, losing one can still be frustrating, especially if you were relying on it to communicate with others on an outdoor excursion. One way to ensure your walkie talkie stays with you at all times is to attach it to your clothing.

Wishouse’s walkie talkies come with detachable lanyards your child can affix to their belt loop. This reduces the likelihood that they will misplace their walkie talkie or forget it somewhere.

Easy-To-Use Controls

Most kids don’t know how to program or operate a walkie talkie. You can try showing them different walkie talkie settings, but chances are they may make a mistake attempting to set the device themselves.

Wishouse’s walkie talkies are great for both kids and adults to use.

Wishouse attempts to address such issues by giving their walkie talkies easy-to-use controls. Each device has clearly labelled buttons, so your child should be able to operate their device without running into difficulties. There is also a keypad lock function, so you won’t need to worry about young children accidentally changing settings and losing the ability to communicate with other devices.

Swappable Batteries

Kids who are eager to play with walkie talkies won’t have the patience to wait for their devices to charge. Wishouse has attempted to circumvent such issues by having their devices run on swappable batteries.

This means your child can swap out empty batteries for new ones and get back to play time without missing a beat.

Great Range

Wishouse walkie talkies also have decent range. The Wishouse walkie talking range is advertised as 1 mile in neighborhoods, and 20 miles in open environments. This means your child can communicate with their best friend who lives a few blocks away or stay in touch with their camping group on trips.

Learning More About Walkie Talkies For Kids

As you can see, Wishouse’s walkie talkies are a great choice for kids. Consider checking out the different models they have available before choosing one for your child. These devices are designed to last for many years, so you and your kids will definitely be able to enjoy these walkie talkies for a long time. If you’re interested in learning more about walkie talkies for kids or the best urban walkie talkies, consider checking out our other guides over on Walkie Talkie Central.

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