Best ICOM VHF Marine Radios

by Martin C | Last Updated: December 7, 2020

ICOM is one of the most enduringly popular brands of marine radios on the planet because of the quality of their products and the diversity of their options. From fixed to handheld, from affordable to expensive and feature rich, ICOM has marine radios for all kinds of boaters and sailors. Because of this it can be hard to choose which ICOM marine radio is the right choice for your needs. But have no fear, as we have the answers!

Best ICOM Marine Radio Reviews

We’ve reviewed the best ICOM marine radios to help you find the perfect model which balances your range, feature, and power needs with your budget.

ICOM M330G Marine Radio

The ICOM M330G is one of the best overall marine radios on the market today and is the best ICOM marine radio because of its compact size yet powerful capabilities. This fixed VHF marine radio has a wide variety of features and a durable design. It is easily mounted and has a clear LCD screen with easy to use buttons and keys. Its small frame means it does not take up valuable space and can easily be stored or maneuvered as needed. This makes the ICOM M330G the best fixed mount ICOM marine radio in our review!

The M330G has IPX7 waterproofing and has a tough exterior shell. Notably, the ICOM M330G has its unique AquaQuake feature, which allows for easy draining of water if you happen to get the radio wet or expose it to the elements. You also get a built in GPS which uses DSC technology to help you locate, plot, and track your comings and goings. ICOM recommends that you pair the M330G with a powerful antenna to improve the overall performance of the GPS function.

If you’re looking for a small fixed VHF marine radio which easily mounts into tight spaces, the ICOM M330G is a fantastic choice. It’s reasonably priced, simple to use, and comse with those extra features which make it stand out from some of the other marine radios at its price level.

ICOM-M93D Marine Radio Review

The ICOM M93D is one of the most popular handheld VHF marine radio because of its power, great design, and great feature set. In the IC-M93D you get a clean and clear design with a long antenna which offers tremendous range powered by 5 watts. The built-in GNSS systems uses GPS and other systems and allows for easy location tracking and coordination as well as DSC use. Not that looks are everything, but the M93 also looks fantastic. It has the feel and style of a much more expensive marine radio despite being reasonably priced for its features. That’s why the best Icom marine radio is the Icom M93D!

With the ICOM M93D you also get a suite of customer features like the AquaQuake water dispelling tech as well Float and Flash which ensures that you can spot your flashing marine radio if you drop it overboard, though we hope you won’t have to use either! The M93D gives you up to 50 different memory banks as well as channel saving features, and also has access to weather alerts which can be helpful in an emergency. 

The overall quality of the ICOM M93D is superb. It really stands out from the crowded field of marine radios as leading in style and function. If you’re not on a budget and you want a feature-rich handheld marine radio which will meet your needs and includes GPS, the ICOM M93D is a great choice!

ICOM IC-M25 21 Marine Radio Review

The ICOM M25 is an entry-level handheld VHF marine radio which will get the job done for a low price. The ICOM M25 is quite light and versatile without feeling cheap, and has floating technology which means you don’t have to worry about it sinking. It’s a good fit if you’re planning on kayaking, casual boating, or other recreational activities. We wouldn’t recommend it if you need super long range communication, or if you plan on using it in extremely tough conditions or in a commercial manner. It’s just not built for that use case, though it could probably still get job done.

That said, it’s not like the M25 is weak – in fact, its 5 watts of power can offer up to 10 miles of range and it has a decent battery life of around ten to eleven hours. It’s decently durable and has access to all the standard features like AquaQuake draining, weather alerts, and channel setting. It also has great audio quality and level which is easy to understand. At the same time, its entry level, so that means no GPS, DSC, Bluetooth, or other features you might find with marine radios only priced a bit higher than this one. 

If you want a reliable and affordable marine radio that will get job done but may not stun you with its features, the ICOM M25 definitely meets the bill. With its 5 watts of power and solid battery, and suite of other standard features, we like the ICOM M25 marine for folks on a budget or for those who otherwise don’t need any other heavy duty features.

ICOM M73 Marine Radio Review

The ICOM M73 is a decent marine radio with a great design. It’s very durable and has a great feel to it. Its screen is clear and bright, and we like that the sound quality is superb. You also get hands-free Vox capability which can be useful for certain folks. That said, it’s a bit of a tough sell for the M73 over the M93D when you consider they’re somewhat similar in price yet the M93D comes with GPS and other extra features. Check out the M73 and ensure it’s for you before you choose it over the M93D is our main piece of advice given the similar price yet vastly different feature set.

ICOM Marine Radios FAQ

What is the best ICOM radio?

The best ICOM marine radio is the ICOM M93D because it offers great performance and features at a reasonable price. It stands out for its fantastic style and design as well, with a sleek look which many users love.

Where are ICOM radios made?

ICOM is a Japanese company, and thus all of their marine radios and other products are made in Japan. That said they sell their products worldwide and have global partners.

What is an ICOM radio?

ICOM is one of the most popular makers of products like marine radios, ham radios, and other radio products. That’s why so many folks know the ICOM brand name – because its been around for decades producing high-quality devices which offer great durability and performance.

When was ICOM founded?

ICOM was founded in Japan in 1954 with a focus on producing quality radio electronics.

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