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The Cobra HHRT50 came into existence as a reliable method to communicate on the go. While Cobra radios have been around for years, this one promises portability and convenience to its users. Motorcyclists, off-roaders, and truckers are the more common users of this type of radio as they have long-distance commutes that require constant situation updates.

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The user-friendly radio is a handheld device that is readily available on the market and is considered to be of great use when you’re out and about, moving long distances. This Cobra HHRT50 review will help you assess what the radio offers you regarding its capabilities and limitations.

Power Source

The portable radio is quite simple when it comes to power and charging. It allows you to charge it using the recharging jack. It consists of rechargeable NiMH AA batteries that you can recharge using the 12V port of your vehicle. You can also get yourself an AC wall charger for recharging purposes. Keep in mind that it would be a separate purchase, as you don’t get one with the radio itself.

The great thing about the power use for this radio is that it can operate on 4 watts of power at maximum. Along with this, you can adjust its power consumption using the high-low power setting in the device.


The Cobra HHRT50 was created to cover a more considerable distance than the typical CB radios. Therefore, you’ll find the maximum distance it can cover to be about 4 miles. Its transmission range is between ½ to 4 miles, giving you plenty of coverage. The extent of the range also depends on the terrain you’re on. That means that if there are barriers in the way, the radio will provide less coverage. This stands true for many other radios as well.


The reliable and convenient radio device is one of a kind with its long-range. You’ll be able to ensure that you’re safe during the time that you’re on the road with this exceptional radio. It comes with a SoundTracker system that cuts noise up to 90%, giving you easy and clear communication. You can communicate with up to 30 million CB radios across the country, allowing you to reach someone quickly when in need.

Along with this, you’ll find that the radio comes with about 10 weather channels, so you’re always in the loop about weather conditions. Not only this, but the radio further has 40 CB channels for you to rely on as they offer full coverage. The flexible antenna enhances the overall performance of the radio as it minimizes any cable or network issues due to breakage of the cords.

The batteries are easy to recharge and allow you a great, long use while you’re out on the road. You can easily use the DC power cord with a charger tip in your vehicle. Not only this, but the microphone on the radio is quite effective as well. You don’t have to hold it close or at a certain angle to be heard. Instead, the microphone features an omnidirectional feature that allows your voice to be picked up from different directions.

The magnetic mount antenna allows you to have better coverage when moving along as it extends the range capability. So, even if there are obstacles on the way, it’ll be able to get you a decent amount of coverage.


  • Beginner/User-friendly
  • Increased range up to 4 miles
  • Noise reduction up to 90%
  • Sound Tracker System in place
  • Access to a wide range of CB radios
  • Weather channels for updates
  • Magnetic mount antenna for coverage


  • Charging limitations
  • Range can be distorted due to obstacles
  • Doesn’t include batteries


All in all, the Cobra HHRT50 is a phenomenal radio device for you to have in your hand, especially if you plan on covering a considerable distance by road. It can help you under different circumstances, whether you’re using it for sports, emergencies, or traveling. There’s no denying that the radio provides a great range that not many others do. One thing you might come across as an issue is that it doesn’t come with batteries. But these are readily available, so you won’t have a problem finding adequate ones.

The exceptional quality that you’ll find with this radio will offer you clear and precise sound. Its noise reduction feature ensures that your voice is clear and can effectively communicate with others over the radio. The radio is surely a good investment that’ll last you a long while when you’re out on the road.

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