Motorola TALKABOUT T480 Emergency Preparedness – Review

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Written By Brian Wallace
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Through 22 different channels, the Motorola TALKABOUT T480 allows you to keep in touch with your loved ones when all other means of communication are down. With 22 different channels you can tune into, you can

also receive weather updates from NOAA and even access FM Radio.

Power Source

The TALKABOUT T480 comes with a rechargeable NiMH 800mAH that can power the radio for up to 10 hours. AA alkaline batteries can also power it for up to 26 hours of continuous use. The box also features a micro USB charger to charge the rechargeable NiMH 800mAH battery.


The TALKABOUT T480 has a range of up to 35 miles depending on the terrain. Its range applies to areas in the neighborhood, open waters, or mountain to valley terrain. This range only applies if the radio is at full power and the battery is fully charged.


The radio can accommodate up to 22 separate channels with 121 private codes. This allows for about 2662 combinations, enabling users to find an open channel easily. The radio also features a PTT power boost, allowing the radio to amplify your signal.

The radio is great for emergencies as it features a two-way power system. With the NiMH rechargeable batteries included, the radio can be active for up to 10 hours. It can also be powered by three AA batteries that can power the battery for up to 26 hours. This design is meant to ensure you always have a working radio in case of an emergency.

It also has an IP54 certification for waterproofing. In the face of rain, storms, snow, and other weather conditions, the design of the radio will not allow water to damage the radio. It ensures it is reliable in all weather conditions.

With FM radio capabilities, people can use this radio to keep in touch with the rescue efforts of those around them. They can receive valuable information on how to proceed to ensure they and their loved ones are safe. People can also receive warnings of emergencies before they occur so they can seek out shelter.

The radio is also associated with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which gives access to alerts about the weather. This allows people to prepare for disasters long before they take place.

The radio is also connected with any compatible FRS/ GMRS radio. This allows the radio to make easier connections with all kinds of radios, making rescue efforts easier. It also has an emergency button to let all the people around you know if you are in distress and initiate rescue efforts.

The radio also has an in-built LED flashlight. This is especially useful in an emergency since the power is likely to be off.


  • Comprehensive instruction manual on how to use the radio
  • Reliable with its dual power system
  • Has a quiet charge mode that makes it great to set up beside your bed
  • Features an emergency button to alert nearby people you may be in distress
  • It can connect to the FM radio band, keeping you updated on further developments
  • Is compatible with any FRS/GMRS radio connecting to as many radios as possible
  • It has an in-built flashlight for use in emergencies
  • Has 22 channels and 121 privacy channels
  • It is waterproof


  • It can be difficult to figure out for new users
  • Does not hold the NOAA channel for very long
  • It has loud static crashes after each transmission
  • Expensive


As an all-around walkie-talkie, this radio is very good. It does everything it says it can, though not at an exemplary level. Though if you were looking for a weather radio, you might be disappointed as it tends to drop the NOAA channel quite often. It does have enough channels to ensure you can always get a connection.

It has a dual power system that allows it to stay powered regardless of the prevailing conditions. If you are looking for a reliable walkie-talkie, this is a good option, although it can be quite pricey when compared to others in its class.

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