Whistler WS1025 Analog Desktop Scanner Review

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Written By Martin C

Product Overview

Our Whistler WS1025 Analog Desktop Scanner review finds that it is a solid option at a great price. With 200-channel access and 10 memory banks, as well as access to emergency frequencies and programming capacity, the Whistler WS1025 is a great entry level option for those seeking a desktop scanner with a solid feature set.

Key  Features:

  • 200 channel & 10 memory banks
  • Easy programming
  • Emergency channel access
  • StormSpotter & Weather Alerts

What We Love

Throughout our Whistler WS1025 Analog Desktop Scanner review we were impressed by the scanner’s well-thought out design and easy set-up and use. The WS1025 is the opening price point option for desktop scanners from Whistler, which means you’ll get solid functionality and design without breaking the bank. The WS1025 has a backlit display and clear buttons and knobs for easy control and use of the scanner. This makes set-up and PC programming fairly easy after a brief read of the guide. With 200-channels and 10 memory banks you can sort and save as you like, and for most users this will be more than enough for daily activities. You can expect one-touch access to many analog emergency frequencies in your local area, including fire, police, and potentially even air traffic control. With key-lock, lock-out capacity, scan delay, and weather alerts, you’ve got a solid feature set to work with which makes channel setting, shifting, and listening easy and fun.

Many folks, especially those that haven’t used a scanner before, are a bit confused about set-up and programming, which is understandable. Let me stress that the Whistler WS1025 is very easy to set-up. Sure, if you’re unfamiliar with scanner programming, it might take a thorough read of the guide to understand how to set-up, and I’ve also recommended this YouTube video to aid you. But the instructions are clear in the user guide, and a quick search on YouTube for WS1025 Programming will provide you every answer you need. Finally, if you are planning to use the WS1025 for storm related functions, you’ll be happy to hear that it comes with Storm Spotter, which will allow you to tune into and track storm movements and events in real-time, giving you heads-up and potentially even the time to evacuate or make informed emergency decisions.

What Could Be Better

While in most areas the WS1025 will work well, in some areas you will find that the range or frequencies aren’t as great as you would expect. Some emergency departments have switched to digital and others may simply be out of range. That said, once you’re programmed and set-up, the WS1025 is very easy to use. If you’re in a very remote area, you might want to look into an outdoor antenna which could extend your range. But for most users the standard antenna provides the Whistler WS1025 with more than sufficient range.


The Whistler WS1025 weighs in at about one-and-a-half pounds, which makes it fairly light for a desktop scanner. Its dimensions are 6.87’’ x 8.25’’ x 2.37’’, making it decently moveable and able to fit onto most desks/cars/work stations. The scanner is narrowband, and is on most bands at twelve and a half kHz.

What Comes In The Box

Along with the main scanner unit, you’ll receive an AC power adapter and a standard antenna. You’ll also get the user guides which will help you during set-up.

Warranty, Manual, and Other Resources

We’ve attached links to the full Whistler WS1025 User Manual and the Whistler WS1025 Warranty policy to help you understand both in more detail. Whistler’s warranty covers any and all issues related to material or production defects, essentially meaning anything Whistler caused. If you damaged the unit on your own, or if you modify and then break the unit, they will likely not cover it, though it’s worth a shot working with their customer care team. Whistler suggests an allowance of around 3-4 weeks for product return/repair turn-around. Finally, you can find a full list of different available frequencies by area at www.radioreference.com. This will help you as you set-up the WS1025. Finally, you can find our full review of the best CB Radios here.


Overall, the Whistler WS1025 definitely exceeds our expectations for a desktop scanner at this price point. It is well designed, is easy to use, and offers solid range and channel access which will meet the needs of most users who want to listen to local emergency, air travel, etc. transmissions. Any issue with programming or frequency access can be addressed with a simple YouTube search or readthrough of the user. We enthusiastically recommend the Whistler WS1025 Analog Desktop Scanner for all buyer’s seeking a solid entry-level scanner!