Cobra CX112 Walkie Talkie Review

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Cobra CX112 Review

Our Cobra CX112 review finds that it is a straightforward and low priced FRS walkie talkie which gets the job done, offering solid range and battery life and a simple design along with NOAA Weather alerts. These features make the Cobra CX112 a great option for kids and adults seeking an entry level walkie talkie and great value.


We can’t think of a better walkie talkie at this price point. Simply can’t be beat currently, making it our hands down favorite at this price point.


This definitely isn’t a long-range walkie talkie, but for its price you get a solid range of 1-2 miles in most conditions, which is better than we expected.


Powered by AAA batteries, you can expect a solid day or two of use before needing to charge or replace your batteries.

Cobra CX112 Overview

Sometimes in life, things are more complicated than they need be. These days, you can find fridges that can post on Twitter from from and ovens that tell you the weather. Yet often high-tech new features add a layer of complexity and many dollar signs to a product without adding much more real value. When it comes to walkie talkies, the Cobra CX112 is a simple, low-cost option that still delivers great performance. If you’re looking for a walkie talkie under $20 that will allow you to communicate with friends and family around the neighborhood, home, school, or work place, the Cobra CX112 is the perfect walkie talkie for you. Our full Cobra CX112 review will dive into the full pros and cons of this FRS walkie talkie.

Cobra CX112 Features

The Cobra CX112 is 22 channel FRS walkie talkie priced just under $20, making it by far one of the most affordable options on the market. That said, it delivers much higher performance than you will find from a random Chinese brand around the same price, even at its 0.5 watt power. It does not require a FCC license like most FRS radios. It has been a market leader since its introduction in 2013, and its staying power is a testament to its appeal and value to consumers. Its black and grey color scheme is fairly nondescript, but that’s the point Cobra made with this device: it might not have crazy features or look like a piece of art, but it gets the job done for you, consistently and for a low price.


While the 16-mile range advertised is certainly ambitious, you can still expect to pick up a mile or two in most conditions, which for its price is amazing. If you’ve got hilly terrain or lots of building it’ll likely be a mile or under, but again, that is to be expected with most consumer FRS radios of this class. You also get access to 10 weather channels which can be helpful for use outdoors, as well as standard consumer FRS walkie talkie features like call alert and confirmation tones.

Besides its low price, the Cobra CX112 stands out for its simple design and battery life. While not colorful nor possessing a large screen, the device’s button and functions are easy to use for all ages, from children to adults to seniors. That’s one of the reasons it made our list of the best walkie talkies for seniors, because it is so easy to set-up and interact with. On top of the simple design is great battery life coming from AAA batteries. You can expect a day or two of frequent use on each set of batteries, which is better than many tricked-out/more expensive walkie talkies. Finally, you get surprisingly crisp sound quality from these

What Could Be Better

Just as the simple design and low price of the Cobra CX112 brings great value in some ways, they should also temper your expectations in others. These are not ideal for long-term outdoor or near-water use, nor should you expect to use these for long-distance communication. The Cobra CX112 does not come with privacy codes, though we don’t imagine this is a turn-off for most users given the expected use case for this device. If you’re looking for a higher power Cobra device, check out our full Cobra Walkie Talkie Buyer’s Guide for more options.


The Cobra CX112 is quite light, weighing only just about ¼ of a pound! Similarly, its reasonably sized at 1.46’’ x 1.96’’ x 5.16’’, meaning it will work for children 5 and up to seniors. There’s a micro-jack audio port but this isn’t compatible with normal headphone plugs — you’ll need an adapter. The buttons are big and clear, and the screen is small but sufficient.

Power and Battery Life

The Cobra CX112 is powered by AAA batteries, but they are unfortunately not included with the package. You’ll have to buy them separately, but we recommend for maximal battery life that you choose rechargeable ones and a battery charger.

Cobra suggests about 5 hours of battery life, which for most users means a day or two of casual use. We’ve actually found that with the battery-saving tech included and normal use, that you can get a full weekend of activities in without worrying about the batteries dying. That said, if you’re planning on going camping, on a road trip, or otherwise away from your charger, be sure to bring more standard AAA batteries in case your units die.

Cobra CX112 Warranty and User Manual

You can find the Cobra CX112 Warranty here. Generally, Cobra will offer you a full-year of coverage for any issues caused by manufacturer’s defect or other production related issues. This means that if you damage the product, or modify it, they will not cover your repair or replacement. Be sure you keep your proof of purchase as well, as they will likely prove you bought the item from an approved retailer.

Here is the full Cobra CX112 User Manual for your inspection. As you’ve probably gathered reading this Cobra CX112 review, the radio is fairly straightforward and easy to use, thus the manual is not extensive nor need it be. That said, its worth reading through to make sure you maximize your experience and usage of the device.

Cobra CX112 Summary

Overall, the Cobra CX112 is a simple and low price option perfect for families and individuals seeking an entry-level walkie talkie. It’ll give you exactly what you expect: solid range, battery life, and easy to use functionality. We can’t think of another walkie talkie under $20 which we would put ahead of the Cobra CX112 given its overall performance and consistent popularity. We confidently recommend the Cobra CX112 and approve of its great quality and bang for your buck! We hope you enjoyed our Cobra CX112 review.