Why MURS Walkie-Talkies Are Good for Long-Range Applications

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One of the best ways for business managers and frontline workers to stay in touch with other workers and people is with good walkie-talkies for long-range purposes. Although there is a large number of handheld transceiver brands available in the market advertising that they offer walkie-talkies that reach 10 miles or more, you need to take these claims with a grain of salt. Not every walkie-talkie is a smart investment choice. This is where MURS walkie-talkies come in.

The Truth About GMRS and FRS Walkie-Talkies

You may have heard of Family Radio Service or General Mobile Radio Service walkie-talkies. These are often advertised as the best handheld walkies-talkies for long-range purposes; however, they require a government license to use.

According to the law, businesses can only use GMRS walkie-talkies if every employee using them has a license. Since getting a $75 license for every employee doesn’t seem reasonable, many business users often use this technology illegally.

Businesses across the world use all kinds of radios; as such, it is getting increasingly difficult to regulate their use and enforce rules. However, if you are caught with an illegal walkie-talkie, you will be subjected to large fines.

Additionally, if you use GMRS technology, it might lead to some concerns. Since these radios have the capability to transmit signals for many miles, they can result in signal interference for other users.

It is possible that your use of GMRS technology is reported by a disgruntled user who uses another type of walkie-talkie. This can land you in a bit of trouble.

Another major reason you should not use GMRS/FRS technology for your business is that there are more than 90 million such radios in the hands of users. This means there is a high chance of interference, even if you have invested in expensive privacy codes. Additionally, there is also a high chance of your signal being intercepted, which means your private business communication may be overheard.

Should You Use Walkie-Talkies that Use Dedicated Commercial Frequencies?

A better solution than investing in a GMRS two-way radio service is to use commercial VHF and UHF radio frequencies. Motorola is one of the most prominent brands out there that manufactures good-quality radios that work with commercial frequencies.

Most commercial walkie-talkies available on the market require a license from the FCC. Business users will also need to get assigned a frequency that they can use for all their sensitive communications.

Businesses that require communication over a wide area need a dedicated frequency and a powerful signal. However, they still need to go through an exhaustive licensing process, buy thousands of dollars worth of equipment, and use a call sign if they need to use a commercial two-way radio system.

In addition, these business walkie-talkies can only be operated in specific geographic areas. As a result, this type of communication technology is not very practical for businesses with a wide area of service.

Are MURS Walkie-Talkies the Best Walkie-Talkies for Long-Range Applications?

Most small businesses, startups, or entrepreneurs do not have the time or money to invest in expensive walkie-talkie licenses that involve a dedicated radio frequency, expensive equipment, and a lengthy process. To cater to these businesses, the FCC created the Multi-use Radio Service or the MURS walkie-talkie.

A hiker using a MURS walkie-talkie in the mountains

Developed by the FCC in 2002, countless companies and individuals have benefitted from MURS walkie-talkies. The radio operates on five bands of frequencies that do not require a license to use; however, they are not guaranteed to be private.

Since its invention, the MURS radio has become increasingly popular among businesses for their internal communication needs.


FRS radios are often cheap, one-time-use radios with a short and fixed antenna and a very low wattage of just 0.5W. The MURS walkie-talkies, on the other hand, boast a more powerful technology.

The two-way radios have up to 2 watts of power limits. Users can also add an external antenna, thereby greatly increasing the walkie-talkie average range. As a result, users can enjoy a stronger, more reliable signal with a low risk of miscommunication.

MURS walkie-talkies offer enough power to communicate over several miles in open and unobstructed areas. This means they can come in handy for communicating across large construction sites or warehouses. A radio range of 6 miles is not unheard of with MURS radio.

Frequency and Interference

The MURS frequency band consists of five frequencies, including 151.820 Mhz, 151.880 Mhz, 151.940 Mhz, 154.570 Mhz, and 154.600 Mhz. This band of frequency only operates MURS radio. As a result, they do not interfere with other bands like GMRS does with FRS frequencies.

Although there are only five frequencies, you can almost always find a clear one to use since there are still not as many users of this service. This makes it a great choice for serious recreational users, frontline workers, and for emergency communications.

In addition, MURS walkie-talkies also come with privacy codes that block the transmission signals from other radios that operate on the same frequency. This makes them a more reliable form of communication.

No Licensing Requirements

You do not need a government license to operate a MURS radio service. This is a bonus for companies that cannot afford expensive and time-consuming walkie-talkie licenses.

You also have the option of switching between any of the five channels – unlike commercial business walkie-talkies with assigned, dedicated frequencies.

Because of its simplicity and the fact that it is free and legal to use, a wide number of users have adopted MURS technology for day-to-day business communication.

Remote Driveway Sensor Alert System

Users can add a remote driveway sensor alert system to their MURS radio. This is a useful technology that can be helpful in security and access applications.

For example, the alert system can alert security guards when someone drives into the front entrance of the building.

Long-Range Applications

MURS radio is a great option for outdoor personal and professional applications. Outdoor enthusiasts can use them to communicate with each other during hiking, boating, and fishing. Professional workers can use these sets on landscaping and construction sites, mining sites, forests, oil rigs, and more.

In these types of outdoor settings, it is a good idea to keep a high-capacity battery or to keep backup batteries so that your MURS radio can keep running for hours on end.

Bottom Line

MURS radios are one of the best range walkie-talkies for outdoor applications. As a serious walkie-talkie enthusiast or a business professional, you can buy the best MURS walkie-talkies from companies like Motorola or Baofeng. At Walkie Talkie Central, we can help you find the best walkie-talkies for long-range that operate on MURS technology. Check out our guides and product reviews to find out the features and benefits of MURS radios and how they can help you in your personal and professional applications.

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