Are Professional Walkie-Talkies a Thing? An Interview with an Expert

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Professional walkie talkies are actually a thing. But what makes them stand out from some of the other options on the market? A professional walkie talkie offers incredible features that you can’t find with the simple walkie talkies that are available on the market today. This post will take a closer look at the various things that a professional walkie talkie can do that you can’t find from any other options.

Filters Out Those Extra Distractions

One of the best features that professional walkie talkies offer is that they can filter out any other distractions on the walkie talkies. Professional walkie talkies have a hierarchy of communications, where the leader of the group has communication priority over anyone else also using walkie talkies within the group.

What this means is that the group will only really hear communications that are important to them. This is why this is the choice used for professionals like firefighters. The other firefighters need to be able to hear the captain give orders for the team. The professional walkie talkies will tune out any of the other distractive chatter on the walkie talkie. This is very different from in the past or with simpler walkie talkie options where you hear everyone who is chatting on the same channel as you are.

Standard push-to-talk communications do not offer a great feature like filtering out the distractions through offering a communications hierarchy.

More Control Over Who’s in a Group

With a professional walkie talkie system, you can actually get control over who is in your group. You can authorize specific users to be a part of your group, while also blocking any users that you don’t authorize to use the system. What this means is that it’s easier for you to control over who is able to communicate with the group. Not only can you control who is able to communicate within the group comms, you are able to control who can hear these communications. Professional walkie talkies give you better control, more flexibility, and improved privacy that you can’t get with basic walkie talkies.

The person in charge of the group communications or organization can create definitions for the communications, which can help them determine which members can use their communication system. This is control that you cannot get when you use a push-to-talk walkie talkie.

Creates a Priority in Communication

As previously mentioned, professional walkies talkies create a hierarchy in those communications over the radio system. With push-to-talk systems of standard walkie talkies, the order of priority for talking goes from who hits the button first. Professional systems have their own hierarchy, so that the more important people on the communication systems they will get priority over anyone else speaking.

The users on the group will hear the priority speak over anyone else who may be speaking at that point in time. This is why this is the preferred option for those people in professional industries who require you to hear from specific people with higher priority on the channels.

Creating Groups that Meet the Needs of Your Operations

You can define the talk groups that exist within the system. Groups are meant to be used for a specific purpose or within a specific area, depending on what your specific needs for your communication systems are. You have the flexibility to configure the system as you need to, which makes it great for several different operational models. The professional walkie talkie radio system lets you define groups as often as you need to. You can define people by tasks, locations, or based on the different priorities within these groups.

Professional Walkie Talkies Makes Your Life Easier

Professional walkie talkie systems can know exactly which groups you are currently using and the groups that are being scanned. This allows you better control over the group communications. Your system will work for the operational needs as you want them to, which can make your life a lot easier. If you are in a business that requires you to have communications that you can count on, a professional system really is the best option that you can consider. Push-to-talk communications are simple, which means that they aren’t always the best option for you. This is especially true for complicated operations. Investing in professional walkie talkies can be the best move that you make.


Professional walkie talkies are well worth the money if you are looking for a walkie talkie that offers more than the basic models available today. Regular push-to-talk walkie talkies are relatively limited as to what they can do, which means that if you need more from your walkie talkie you should invest in something that offers a bit more. A professional walkie talkie is a great solution that offers quite a few benefits to users.

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