Best Wearable Walkie Talkie Watches for Kids 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

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The best walkie talkies watches are those that harness the amazing power of the walkie-talkie with the portability and convenience of a wristwatch. Walkie-talkies have been a staple of communication in public safety and recreational use since they were first developed in the 1930’s. The technology of walkie-talkies has come a long way since their first incarnation as backpack-sized devices used by the military in World War II.

There are many different options and features available for walkie-talkies in the current market, and walkie-talkie watches are a convenient tool to take advantage of the ease of communication with two-way radios. What makes a walkie-talkie watch different from standard handheld radios? Are walkie-talkie watches as reliable and durable as your typical walkie-talkie?

There are many options out there for purchasing a walkie-talkie watch, and with similar price points and attractive features, they can be a great option for outdoor and recreational adventures. We’ve researched some of the best walkie-talkie watches on the market to give you a rundown of what to look for before you make your purchase!

The Best Wearable Walkie Talkies

1. SpyX Secret Agent Walkie Talkie Set

If you have kids who are into spy movies and gadgets and those sorts of toys, then the SpyX Walkie Talkie set is practically a must-have. Being able to wear a watch and then bring it up to your mouth to talk into it and deliver a super-secret spy message to your partner in crime is exactly what a little spy-in-training needs to fulfill their dreams.

SpyX Secret Agent Walkie Talkie Set
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This set of two walkie-talkie watches offers comfortable, lightweight wrist bands wired back to the walkie talkie transceiver giving clearer communication over longer distances.

The distance you can speak over isn’t vast, but it’s enough to give a kid aged five and up that super-spy feel.

A simple push-to-talk button will let you keep in touch, and the antenna can be extended to provide a bit more distance and keep communicating when in the backyard or inside the house.

The wrist band itself is lightweight and can fit multiple wrist sizes thanks to its adjustable strap. It’s recommended for kids aged six and above, so there’s no guarantee it will fit a smaller child. It will be easy enough for them to carry around, though, and if your kid is itching to feel like a spy, then this is the set for them.

2. Sportsvoutdoors Walkie Talkies Watch

If you’re looking for a way to easily keep in contact with your kids without giving them something too expensive, like a smartphone, then this pair of walkie-talkie watches are perfect. These high-quality watches are perfect for kids and come with a variety of functions that can give them that “high-tech spy” feel, so it’s ideal as a Christmas or birthday gift.

7 in 1 Digital Watch Walkie Talkie Set
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The walkie-talkie functionality is simple but effective. With an extendable antenna, you can give your kid a means to easily contact you over short distances. The audio quality is crisp and smooth, and it comes with an automatic filter for background noises for clear transmission in crowded and busy environments.

Additionally, the walkie-talkie will serve as a digital watch, a magnifying glass, a night light, and a reflector so it can be easily spotted in the dark. It also comes with a secret capsule to keep small things inside. While it does come with a compass, it is purely decorative and doesn’t actually work.

The walkie-talkie is intended for kids, but it is still quite functional.

3. XHAIZ Kids Walkie Talkies

There’s no doubt walkie-talkies were one of the top things on your birthday list when you were a kid. The XHAIZ Kids Walkie Talkies are ideal for hours of entertainment. They also have a few exciting features that we are sure your kids will get a kick out of. 

The general design of these walkies is unique because they offer seven different ways to use them in one compact design. Kids can use it for communication, like regular walkie-talkies with an integrated safety capsule for exploration. Then, there’s also a built-in compass, sight glass, night light, and magnifying glass.

XHAIZ Entertainment Walkie Talkie Watch Set

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These walkies are designed to fit on the wrist, which makes them ideal for active kids. The built-in antenna manages the transmission of radio signals, and when extended, signals travel just under four miles. You will also appreciate the high-quality LCD screen that allows for easy readability in all lighting.

Another unique benefit of these walkies is their accurate time display, transforming it into a wearable watch. The kid-friendly design comes with an adjustable wrist strap, allowing you to quickly find the perfect fit. Also, it is a PTT (push-to-talk) device, which is incredibly simple for first-time users to take advantage of.

4. Sweetheart 7 in 1 Walkie Talkie Watch

For parents searching for a walkie talkie that is a bit more colorful for their kids, you can’t go far wrong with the Sweetheart 7 in 1 digital watch walkie talkie set.

Available in pink and blue, kids will love the features on offer.

Sweetheart Walkie Talkie Watch Set
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Like the previous pair of walkies, these ones also feature a seven-in-one design. You’ll find extra components such as a night light, compass, reflector, watch, and a secret capsule. While kids are exploring, they can store hidden treasures within the capsule to bring back to their home base.

The durability of these walkies is quite notable, too, especially since they are for kids. The material sits comfortably against the skin, with adjustable wrist straps to find the perfect fit. Also, the LCD screen is reinforced, ensuring it doesn’t crack easily if the kids accidentally drop the walkies.

With the addition of the extendable antenna, transmissions will be able to travel further. Also, this feature ensures that the audio from either end is more precise, so communication is simpler to maintain. The added PTT (push-to-talk) key is essential for ease of use and can quickly be accessed at any time.

5. QNIGLO Rechargeable Kids Walkie Talkies

The QNIGLO Rechargeable Kids Walkie Talkies are cute and compact. Their stylish design makes them great for kids of all ages, especially as they come in various colorways. They could also be the perfect solution for a user-friendly set of walkies to teach your kids the ins and outs of radio communication. 

These walkies are fully rechargeable. And since they have limited features, the battery lasts an extended period. You should get up to 24 hours of continuous communication or five days’ worth of power in standby mode.

QNIGLO Entertainment Walkie Talkie Watch Set

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The built-in FM radio helps to enhance the usefulness of the walkies, allowing your kids to listen to music as well. The long-range antenna is ideal for getting up to two miles of communication with impressive clarity and loudness. Also, it boasts a wearable design that attaches to the wrist, just like a watch.

The adjustable wristband makes it simpler to find the ideal fit for kids of all ages. Alternatively, it also allows users to wear the device around their necks instead of the wrist for even more versatility.

With the help of the PTT (push-to-talk) button, kids can quickly communicate with their friends. When this button is pushed, the device’s eyes light up to show the device is ready to be spoken into.

How Walkie Talkies Watches Work

When you think of a walkie talkie, what generally comes to mind is the standard handheld device used by children and adults alike for recreation and communication. The advances in technology have opened up a new world of walkie-talkie use by integrating the features of these standard handheld devices into the convenience of a wristwatch design. With several features that come standard on traditional walkie-talkies, the walkie-talkie watches are a great alternative for hands-free, on the go communication.

Now that you have decided to purchase a walkie-talkie watch, where do you begin? While the product options in the wearable walkie-talkie market are smaller than those for standard two-way radio devices, there are several key features to be aware of before choosing the model that works best for you.

Walkie Talkie Watch Durability and Battery Life

The durability and battery options for walkie-talkie watches are fairly standard across the market and hold their own with the features of regular handheld walkie-talkies. With any two-way radio, it is important that the device is able to withstand harsh environments and rugged usage since they are generally used during physical outdoor activities. Reliability is a key consideration in the search for the right walkie-talkie, and walkie-talkie watches are a great option for most outdoor enthusiasts.

Of the various walkie-talkie watches reviewed, the battery life was fairly standard across the board. All of the models operated with lithium-ion batteries that are rechargeable and long-lasting, adding value to the consumer. Additionally, the Vectorcom model comes with an AC adapter to make charging the walkie-talkie watch more convenient.

Each of the top walkie-talkie watch models reviewed stated that battery life would last for 24 hours of standby communication, although as expected, under continuous communication usage the battery life for all models is greatly reduced. The AGPtek walkie-talkie watch that we reviewed boasts the longest continuous usage time of five hours. All of these numbers are comparable to standard handheld walkie-talkies, and reviews were positive across the board for battery life.

None of the walkie-talkie watches we tested had waterproof capabilities; however, each of them made claims of tough durability for the average user. With thoughtful, rugged design, the walkie-talkie watches we reviewed are sure to hold up to typical usage in outdoor environments.

Walkie Talkie Watch Range

The range of a walkie-talkie is one of the main considerations when looking to purchase a two-way radio device. The range of standard walkie-talkies depends on the model, but most of the higher end standard two-way radios can be effective in a range of up to 20 miles or more depending on the terrain and environmental factors.

Walkie-talkie watches are more limited in their standard range capabilities than a typical walkie-talkie radio. Of the walkie-talkie watches we reviewed, the longest range capability was found with the AGPtek device which advertises communication capabilities of up to 6 km or just over 3.5 miles. The other models reviewed had shorter range ability of around 3 km. Although this is a far cry from the 20 to 40 mile claims of high-end standard walkie-talkies, walkie-talkie watches still give the user decent coverage for most applications.

Despite walkie-talkie manufacturer claims, the terrain and environmental conditions play a big role in the overall range in which you can communicate clearly with any walkie-talkie device. Flat, uninterrupted terrain provides a longer range signal, while dense forest or interference from structures such as houses and other buildings will cut down on the distance that your walkie-talkie watch can cover.

Walkie Talkie Watch Channel Options and Frequency

All of the walkie-talkie watches that we tested had multi-channel capabilities and auto-scan features. Being able to switch between different channel frequencies gives you the ability to reduce any interference that may be present when communicating with your partner. The channel auto-scan available with these walkie-talkie watches is a nice added feature that allows you to quickly and efficiently find a frequency that will provide you with a clear signal.

All walkie-talkies work with either FRS or GMRS channel frequencies, and it is important to have a basic understanding of the differences between the two are. FRS, which stands for Family Radio Service, devices generally have shorter ranges and can be less reliable than a standard GMRS device. Walkie-talkies that use GMRS, or General Mobile Radio Services, channels have a range of at least five miles but usually a great deal more.

So how do you know what type of walkie-talkie is right for your needs? If you need the ability to communicate over very large distances with reliable service, then a walkie-talkie or walkie-talkie watch with GMRS channels is the best option for you. For the typical recreational user, walkie-talkie watches that operate on FRS channel frequencies are a more than adequate option.

An additional consideration when purchasing any two-way radio device that uses GMRS channels is the legal issues of transmitting over those channels. In order to communicate on a GMRS channel, you must first apply for a license from the Federal Communication Commission, which is then good for five years before renewal is required. None of the walkie-talkie watches that we reviewed stated that a GMRS license would be required for use.

Additional Features of Walkie-Talkie Watches

The range, durability, and channel options of walkie-talkie watches are all important features when deciding on a product that will live up to high consumer standards, but what other features are unique to walkie-talkie watches that set them apart from the crowd? Walkie-talkie watches come with many of the standard features of traditional walkie-talkies, but the watches that we reviewed had several key characteristics that made them stand out in a competitive market.

Watch Function

Walkie-talkie watches are great for communication when friends and family, but they also function as a standard watch! All of the walkie-talkies we reviewed had back-lit LCD screens for ease of use in low-light situations, as well as 12 hours AM/PM time display. The LCD screen also contains all the information you need to operate your walkie-talkie watch, such as channel frequency and battery life.

Hands-Free Communication

One of the best features of using a walkie-talkie watch is the freedom you have by wearing your walkie-talkie! All of the walkie-talkie watches that we looked at had a comfortable, light-weight design that made them easy to wear even when doing a physical activity such as hiking or playing sports.

Crystaller walkie talkie watches reviewed advertised having a hands-free VOX mode to allow you to use the radio without interrupting your activities. 

Volume Control and Headphone Compatibility

It was clear that all of the models of walkie-talkie watches we reviewed developed their products with the consumer in mind, and the little details go a long way! From the back-lit LCD screen to electronic volume control, many of the features of a standard walkie-talkie radio can be found in these walkie-talkie watches.

The Best Walkie Talkie Watches

Walkie-talkies have a vast array of uses in the professional and recreational worlds. Children and adults alike can have hours of enjoyment using walkie-talkies with friends and family. Walkie-talkies are also important for safety and security purposes when participating in outdoor activities and sports.

While standard walkie-talkies may have the ability for increased range, walkie-talkie watches are ideal for the average outdoor enthusiast. By combining all of the best features of typical two-way radios with the convenience of hands-free communication, walkie-talkie watches are at the leading edge of the walkie-talkie market. Additional features, such as voice activation capabilities, long-lasting rechargeable batteries, and built-in safety features make the choice to purchase a walkie-talkie watch an easy one to make!

All three of the walkie-talkie watches we reviewed received high marks in testing and have many satisfied reviews from customers across the country. By determining the features most important to you in a radio communication device, you will be able to find the perfect product to suit your needs.

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