Midland LXT500VP3

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The Midland LXT500VP3 is a two-way radio with 22 family radio service channels. It is a long-range radio capable of being used for communication up to a distance of 24 miles. In this review of the walkie-talkie,

Midland LXT535VP3 FRS Walkie-Talkies (2-Pack)
  • Up to 24-mile range
  • 22-Channels
  • Dual Power Options - rechargeable or "AAA" batteries
  • Water resistant
Things we liked:
  • Up to 24-mile range
  • 22-Channels
  • Dual Power Options - rechargeable or "AAA" batteries
  • Water resistant
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we’ll discuss the range, power supply, and other key features of the radio. We’ll also talk about the advantages and downsides.


As a professional toy, it has a relatively long range of up to 24 miles, according to the manufacturers. However, no one has ever got that distance of communication from the devices in practice. But the sound quality is clear within a low range and with no obstructions. With the auto-scan function, you can quickly find an open channel and start communicating.

You can communicate through the radios within a 1-kilometer distance apart. Of course, the range can vary depending on the environment, as is the case with all radio devices. The range of walkie-talkies is influenced by three factors. The first factor is the transmit power, which is usually 500 milliwatts.

The second factor is the environment. If there are walls, mountains, and tall buildings between the call partners, the distance the radio signal can be received is reduced. The third factor is the height from which the radio is broadcast. The radio connection is best used on a mountain or high building.

In general, you should avoid all kinds of sources of interference. In theory, this can be almost any type of electrical device. Problems with the range, therefore, occur more often in the house. Even in heavily built-up areas, the range is limited by many obstacles. To increase the range of these walkie-talkies, you can, for example, have the antenna changed. This is possible as the antenna is removable.

A person skilled in the art could also increase the transmission power. But this means an additional load for the batteries or the accumulator. Therefore, it is essential to ask a specialist whether you can increase the range of your walkie-talkie.

Power source

To protect the environment, the two radios are equipped with rechargeable batteries and appropriate chargers. The charging system is a standard charging station designed for the walkie-talkies while placed vertically.

This charger should be able to charge both walkie-talkies at the same time. The devices can also be used with standard AAA batteries, but they must not be charged. What this means is the Midland is a dual-powered device. The rechargeable option will be ideal for use at home, where you have a way of charging the device. The rechargeable batteries that come with the walkie-talkies are Ni-MH batteries. Meanwhile, four AAA alkaline batteries can be used when you’re outdoors, be that camping or hiking. But you’ll have to purchase these separately as they don’t come with the device.


The walkie-talkie comes in a set with two radios that can automatically scan available channels using a scan function. With the auto-scan function, you can quickly find an open channel and start communicating.

The walkie-talkie has a keypad lock that, when activated, will prevent the function and mode buttons from accidentally activating. The device has a backlit LC display that shows information such as battery status, channel, volume, and scan status.

The Midland Walkie-Talkie is ideal for boat tours and other activities on the water because it is water-resistant and also offers a few other useful functions.

This small, handy, non-slip walkie-talkie with easy operation is ideal for children’s hands. It weighs just one pound and has compact dimensions of 1 x 2 x 6 inches.

You have communication access with up to 22 clear and crisp channels, providing you’re in open places with no obstruction. The unit has a silent operation feature where you can turn off your radio tones for a quieter operation with the click of a button.

We also liked that there is an option to conserve the battery life with the adjustability provided by the HI/LO power settings. Finally, the keypad lock will prevent the walkie-talkie’s buttons from being pressed or the functions activated while in the pocket.


  • Up to 24 miles range
  • Dual battery option
  • Battery life can be extended
  • Designed to resist water splashes
  • Available in two color options
  • Doesn’t require a license
  • The radios can be silenced


  • Doesn’t work well where you have obstructions such as houses
  • Battery doesn’t hold charge for long


The Midland LXT500VP3 radio is of excellent quality and performs well in areas with little or no obstruction. The average range in the city is 1 km which is more than enough for fieldwork. If you are looking for a way to establish better and faster communication other than the cell phone in open fields, these Midland 2-way radios are very good options. But they’re not really effective in the city or at home.

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