Retevis RT29 and RT28 Walkie Talkie Review

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Retevis RT29 Walkie Talkie Review

The Retevis RT29 is a powerful walkie talkie suited for business and industrial applications. It has impressive range and battery life and a durable design which can take a beating. Retevis is a growingly popular brand for powerful yet affordable two way radios because of their overall quality, and through our Retevis RT29 Review it met that high standard. The most impressive feature of the RT29 is its 24 hour battery life, which is at the top end of the market. That said, the RT29 is still priced reasonably and offers great overall value. If you’re looking for a dependable business walkie talkie with excellent range and battery life, the Retevis RT29 walkie talkie is a great choice.


The Retevis RT29 walkie talkie is a heavy-duty UHF two way radio with a rugged build and easy to use design ideal for business applications. Whether you are running a restaurant, a hotel, or a mall, or just need a great walkie talkie for your construction job site, the Retevis RT29 is versatile and has enough power and battery life for all situations. The RT29 comes with Vox hands-free technology, which can be extremely useful especially when paired with a walkie talkie headset or earpiece. It also has an emergency alarm which can be triggered, playing a loud sound and also alerting those on the same channel. This is great for security officers or other employees who might encounter dangerous situations. Overall, the Retevis RT29 is honestly a very solid walkie talkie, and we were very impressed with the device, particularly with its battery life.


The Retevis RT29 has a very solid range which is driven by the powerful antenna which comes standard with the bundle. Expect several miles of solid range in most environments, and up to a couple dozen in flatland or desert. If you’re using this for a business, you might wonder how it performs inside. Because the Retevis RT29 uses UHF radio waves to communicate, it actually performs quite well inside, unlike VHF frequencies which suffer from obstacles like walls and buildings. Thus the Retevis RT29 has great multi-level range and can penetrate through walls and different floors, which make it useful for schools, hotels, and other larger facilities.

Battery Life

The Retevis RT29 is powered by four included Lithium Ion batteries which offer amazing battery life which can last up to 24 hours from full power. This is impressive not only because it is one of the highest available on the market today, but because the Retevis RT29 is also so affordable. Normally you’d need to pay thousands of dollars for a high-end Motorola model four pack for that kind of battery life, so the Retevis RT29 definitely stands out. The RT29 also comes with battery-saving tech and features that will alert you when you reach low juice. All in all, the battery life of the RT29 is among the most impressive available to consumers today, as you will only need to charge it occasionally instead of daily!


The Retevis RT29 has a tough exterior shell which helps protect it from the elements. It has certified shock and drop resistance for up to two meters, and also has water and dust resistance. Retevis designed the RT29 as their heavy duty business walkie talkie, and you can tell because it truly feels sturdy in the hand. If you are concerned about damage to your walkie talkie or if you work in a demanding environment, rest assured the Retevis RT29 will survive and thrive and meet your communication needs.

Specs and Waterproof Speaker

The Retevis RT29 is very durable, which means it does carry a heavier frame than most walkie talkies. It weighs in at over six pounds and 6 x 3 x 1.5 inches, which make it usable by teens and adults but not children. This bundle includes an Waterproof Speaker Microphone for all four walkie talkies, which is a must if you’re going to be using the RT29 while driving, operating machinery, or otherwise engaging in an activity with your hands. The speaker mic is well designed and is adjustable and durable.

Retevis RT29 Review Conclusion

Overall, our Retevis RT29 review found it exceeded our expectations because of its immense battery life, solid range, and very durable design. It is hard to beat the quality of the RT29 at its price point, as most comparable walkie talkies are much more expensive. When you consider these strong features and the included accessories and speaker mic, the RT29 offers great overall value and we definitely recommend it as a great walkie talkie for businesses, schools, and other users needing strong performance and a durable design at a reasonable price point.

Retevis RT28 Walkie Talkie Review

The Retevis RT28 is a low-cost business walkie talkie option ideal for users who only need to use it in a relatively small area. It has a decent feature set, and moderate range and battery life. If you run a small business or restaurant, or work in an nursing home or school, then the Retevis RT28 would work for you. However if you work on a larger property or need long-range, we recommend going with the RT29. That said, overall this RT28 bundle is pretty solid for its price as it also includes four walkie talkie earpieces which make hands-free communication super easy.


The Retevis RT28 is a FRS walkie talkie designed for affordability and simple use. This RT28 bundle comes with belt clips, emergency alerts, and walkie talkie earpieces which make hands-free use easy when paired with its Vox technology. It is fairly small and easy to use, and has a shorter antenna than its big brother the RT29.


The RT28 has decent range, as you can expect 1-2 miles in most conditions. That said, if you’re operating indoors or around a lot of obstacles, it may be less than that. That’s why the RT28 is ideal for small businesses or schools as opposed to big hotels or construction sites.

Battery Life

The Retevis RT28 is powered by Lithium Ion batteries, and has reasonable battery life of around 10-12 hours of use time. If you’re only using these occasionally, they can go a few days without needing a charge. The RT28 won’t blow your mind, but for the price the battery life is actually solid.


The RT28 is actually one of the more durable two way radios at this price point. They have a rugged design and exterior which protects the walkie talkie from fall and water damage. While you might not want to get these if you’re working on a construction site, if you operate in a decently safe indoors business or school then these would be plenty durable for you.

Retevis RT28 Review Conclusion

Overall the RT28 doesn’t amaze us, but it does get the job done and is actually pretty solid given its very reasonable price for a four pack of walkie talkies. It’s got decent battery life and range, a good design, and the belt clips and included walkie talkie earpiece make this bundle a good value business walkie talkie option.

Retevis RT29 vs. RT28 Walkie Talkie Comparision

While both the RT29 and RT28 are solid business walkie talkies, there is definitely a big difference in both price, quality, and use cases for each device.

We recommend the Retevis RT29 to business and industrial users who need long battery life, strong range, and an extremely durable device and work on a big property. On the other hand, we recommend the RT28 to those who just need a solid business walkie talkie for a low price, and who work at a small shop, restaurant, or school and don’t need the crazy long range or battery life of the more expensive RT29.

Overall, both the RT29 and RT28 are great walkie talkies and you should pick the one that is best suited to meet your specific needs!