Best Uniden Walkie Talkies in 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

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If you search for the world’s leading companies that produce communication devices, you will definitely come across the name Uniden. The products from this company can be found in any market and are immensely popular around the globe. The Uniden brand is well respected for its durability and high-performing devices.

Uniden walkie-talkies have some amazing features that will be perfect for you. These devices can be used for everything from hiking to water sports to exploring the neighborhood, and there are some high-end models which have remarkable reception and keep you updated with news and alerts no matter where you are located, as well as budget options that are affordable to everyone.

If you want a good walkie-talkie set that is reasonably priced and also durable with great power options, we’re sure you’ll find something that fits your needs in our Uniden walkie-talkie buyer’s guide.

Uniden Walkie Talkie Reviews

If you take a tour of the market you will find several amazing walkie-talkies from Uniden. Deciding which model will be perfect for your own needs can be quite difficult though. That’s why we created this guide discussing some of the best Uniden walkie-talkies.

Uniden SX507-2KCHS Review

The Uniden SX507 is the best Uniden walkie-talkie on the market today because of its range and great feature set. This is actually one of the longest range walkie-talkies available today, with upwards of 50 miles of total range available. The SX507 is also fully waterproof and floats, so it is perfect for kayaking, boating, tubing, or other fun water sports.

The SX507 offers 22 channels for clear communication and 121 privacy codes, leaving you safe and secure. You’ll also get a solid battery life of around 13 to 14 hours, though it’ll vary based on your usage and can last several days if occasional.

The walkie-talkie is charged up by a base charging station, and also comes with belt clips and earpieces for your easy hands-free use. We love the NOAA Weather Alerts which come with this walkie-talkie, as it means you can be alerted of an emergency situation and prepare accordingly.

Overall, the Uniden SX507-2KCHS stands out head and shoulders not only above the other Uniden walkie-talkies, but above many other brands best consumer radios as well, with its overall range, performance, and durability making it top of the class!

Read our full review of the Uniden SX507.

Uniden SX407-2CKHFHS Review

The Uniden SX407-2CKFHS offers around 40 miles of range and is well-suited for outdoor activities. It has a great yellow design which allows it to stand out and not get lost even in the woods or dark. The built-in flashlight and NOAA alerts also add to its appeal as an emergency walkie-talkie option.

The battery life is solid, rated around 12-14 hours, and like the SX507 it has 22 channels and 121 privacy codes. It has IPX4 waterproofing which means occasional water contact will not harm the device, though we do not recommend full submersion if possible.

Uniden SX167-2CH Review

The Uniden SX167-2CH is the entry-level Uniden SX walkie-talkie, with only up to 16 miles of range and a small and simple design. These walkie-talkies are better suited for casual in and around your neighborhood than they are for long-range communication on outdoor adventures. These are a breeze to use and we recommend them for kids and adults alike who just want a simple and affordable walkie-talkie that will get the job done. The Uniden SX167 will not blow your mind with its power or range, but its decently durable and we like its overall value at its low price.


You should also consider getting some accessories with your Uniden walkie-talkie to make your experience using the device even more enjoyable. The most popular accessories to buy with a Uniden walkie-talkie are a headset and extra batteries.


First off, you should consider to buy a good headset to go with your walkie-talkie so you can enjoy hands-free communication. There are many headsets available on the market that are compatible with Uniden walkie-talkies. We recommend the headset from GoodQbuy, it works well with most Uniden radios.


If you want to use your walkie-talkie without having to worry about its batteries running out, then you should definitely get extra batteries.

The Panasonic eneloop 2100mAH NiMh rechargeable batteries will keep your Uniden walkie-talkie running further and longer.

Uniden Walkie Talkies FAQ

Are Uniden walkie-talkies any good?

Uniden is one of the top walkie-talkies brands, with a variety of options with different power, range, and battery life. They also have walkie-talkies designed for different use cases, from long-range to water activities to hunting.

How far can Uniden walkie talkies go?

Uniden has walkie-talkies ranging from a range of up to 50 miles to just a few. As expected, the longer and stronger range offered, the more expensive the walkie-talkie, but Uniden still keeps prices reasonable and accessible to all consumers. Even the 50-mile range of the SX507 is only around $100.

Do Uniden walkie talkies work with other brands?

Yes, Uniden walkie FRS and GMRS consumer walkie talkies are compatible with other consumer radios. Regardless if your friends or family have Motorola, Midland, Cobra, or another brand of walkie-talkie, you will be able to easily communicate with them with your Uniden walkie-talkie.

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Uniden produces a number of very good walkie-talkies and choosing the right one can be difficult. But with a little research and analysis of the options on this list, you should be able to find the walkie-talkie set just right for your own needs. You can’t really go wrong with any of the Uniden models covered in this guide, but we definitely recommend going with either the Uniden SX507 or Uniden SX407 as your best bet for strong performance and range!