Best Bluetooth Walkie Talkies

by Martin C | Last Updated: December 1, 2020

The Real List of the Best Bluetooth Walkie Talkies

Most standard consumer walkie talkies do not come with Bluetooth connectivity. It’s not a traditional element of a walkie talkie and it’s not needed to communicate over FRS or GMRS, which most walkie talkies use. Many lists from other websites say that some walkie talkies have Bluetooth when they absolutely 100% do not. We’ve compiled this authoritative list of actual walkie talkie options which have Bluetooth compatibility or connectivity which will meet your needs. We’ve also found the best Bluetooth walkie talkie accessories, like Bluetooth walkie talkie headsets and earpieces, which you can pair with your device.

The Truth About Bluetooth and Walkie Talkies!

Here’s the truth about Bluetooth walkie talkies – there are not that many walkie talkies which actually have Bluetooth! In fact, there’s only a few models on the market today which have true Bluetooth technology in them. That’s frustrating for many people who look at lists of products on other websites which review products as Bluetooth Walkie Talkies when in fact they do not have the technology at all!

Quick Overview: Bluetooth Walkie Talkies

Motorola Talkabout T800 Two-Way Radios, 2 Pack, Black/Blue

Cobra PR562BLT Walkie Talkies Pro Series 28-Mile Bluetooth Two-Way Radios (Pair)

Retevis RT78 Bluetooth Walkie Talkie Pair Any Wireless Headset, IP67 Waterproof 5200mAh Mobile APP Operation, Unlimited Range Walkie Talkie (2 Pack)

Retevis RB37 Bluetooth 2 Way Radios Rechargeable, Long Range Walkie Talkies for Adults with Wireless Earpiece, 2000 mAh Wireless Clone Flashlight VOX,for Camp Skiing Hiking Biking(2 Pack)

Motorola FRS TalkAbout Two Way Radios, Bluetooth Compatible Radio, NOAA Weather Alert Channels, Weatherproof IP54 Rating, and Total Emergency Preparedness, Silent Vibra Call, iVox Hands Free Communicating, Belt Clips, Y Cable Charging Adapter with Dual Mini-USB Connectors Included

Best Bluetooth Walkie Talkie Reviews

This is a comprehensive list of all the the REAL best Bluetooth walkie talkie mode available today, with no gimmicks or BS. These walkie talkies actually have Bluetooth and will meet your needs! We will add and update new models to this list as they are created, so check back for more!

Motorola T800 Walkie Talkie Review

The Motorola T800 is the best Bluetooth walkie talkie because of its great design and unique feature set which make it stand out from the field of otherwise very familiar and standard walkie talkies. The T800 has a great range of up to to 35 miles and strong battery life, and is weatherproofed and quite durable. It’s simple and easy to use, and has a sleek black and blue design with a clear interface. Where the Motorola T800’s really stands out is its Bluetooth connectivity which allows it to offer a bunch of amazing options to keep you and your family and friends in touch.

You can use Bluetooth to connect your smartphone to the Motorola T800 through the Motorola Talkabout app, which then enables a bunch of features:

  • Messaging screen allows you to send chats with people in your area and activate emergency notifications if needed
  • Maps and data can be stored even if you’re out of cellular range, which allow you to stay updated on your location and on those in your party around you
  • Log your journey and analyze its statistics later

These features are incredibly useful and unique, and represent a big step forward in walkie talkie technology. By using Bluetooth connectivity between your phone and the T800, Motorola has created the first solid integration of the two technologies to create a dynamic communication and location solution which does things no other. The Talkabout App is easy to set up and use, and we loved being able to send messages to those around us. It makes you a lot more comfortable going out to adventure in areas where your cell service might be an issue, or someone’s walkie talkie audio might not be ideal. This can be useful if hunting or at night when you need to be quiet.

We love the Motorola T800 for its powerful Bluetooth features and recommend it highly as the best Bluetooth walkie talkie on the market today.

Cobra PR562BLT Walkie Talkie Review

The Cobra PR562BLT is Cobra’s take on the Bluetooth walkie talkie. While it lacks the immense feature set and app pairing of the Motorola T800, it is fully Bluetooth enabled in that you can pair it easily with a Bluetooth walkie talkie headset, earpiece, or mic for easy hands-free use.

The Cobra PR562BLT offers up to 28 miles of range, as well as water resistance and 10 NOAA Weather emergency channels. . It is light and has a clean black design, as well as a circular user panel which surrounds its small-ish screen. The PR562BLT is very affordable and while it won’t blow your mind with its power, if you’re looking for a consistent Bluetooth walkie talkie which is ideal for hands-free use on a job site, at a school, or in other similar areas, it’s a great choice.

Retevis RT78 Bluetooth Walkie Talkie Review

Retevis has been deeply involved in manufacturing walkie-talkies since 2009. With almost 12 years of expertise, the RT78 Bluetooth Walkie Talkie is probably one of their best products in the game.

You can download a mobile application and fully control the different essential functions of this walkie-talkie through your smartphone. Through this connection, you can use the Bluetooth mode for voice calls. Long-distance calls are also available through the use of network mode.

The Bluetooth and network modes make this walkie talkie a reliable companion for your outdoor activities. Whether you’re hiking, trailing, or skiing, having the Retevis RT78 will significantly benefit your trip.

Leaving the phone on standby will keep it working for up to 135 hours. On the other hand, it allows up to 12 hours of battery life if you use it continuously. Thanks to its high-capacity battery, you only need six hours of charging time to get this walkie talkie up and ready.

Since you’re most likely to use this device outdoors, Retevis made it a point to enhance its durability. The RT78 Bluetooth Walkie Talkie is waterproof and dustproof. You don’t have to worry about the rain or dropping it into a pool of water.

The unit itself is rather small at 2.5 inches wide and five inches tall, which is an important quality for maximum portability. It also allows you to set up and receive two channels simultaneously. Talking over the device is also relatively easy because of its vox function that provides hands-free communication.

The RT78 Bluetooth Walkie Talkie package comes with a charging adapter, a desk charger, and a belt clip. Retevis did not indicate the warranty limitations of the unit, but you can contact them directly if you plan to purchase one.

Retevis RB37 Bluetooth Radio Review

If you’re not quite sold on the Retevis unit we’ve mentioned earlier, here’s another great walkie talkie from them. The RB37 Bluetooth Radio is perhaps the most modernized walkie talkie from this manufacturer, maybe even from anywhere.

This device can handle up to 22 channels simultaneously. It also comes with a dedicated Bluetooth earpiece to free both of your hands when using it. The earpiece has a built-in microphone and can keep working for up to four hours through its 90 mAh battery.

You can also use the earpiece to connect to your other devices, such as your smartphone. The sound will stay clear and crisp as long as you remain within a five-meter radius from the source. You can charge the earpiece using the USB Type-C cable included in the package.

Retevis also made sure that the RB37 has a VOX function. That means you can put the earpiece in your ear, clip the radio to your belt, and use both hands for other stuff while talking. Additionally, the RB37 can reduce the surrounding noises in your area, keeping the line of communication clean and clear.

While the RB37 might have a lower mAh than the other Retevis units on this list, it has a longer functioning time. It can keep your lines open for up to 15 hours of continuous use. On the other hand, keeping it on standby will make it last for up to seven days.

One of the most notable features of the RB37 Bluetooth Radio is its warning technology. If the device is low on power, an alarm will go off to remind you to charge the unit. You can use either a charging cable or a charging dock to restore its power.

The RB37 also includes a flashlight. If you’re carrying it on your outdoor activity or in an emergency, you can cross two essential items in your emergency kit checklist. This device can help you communicate with rescuers or authorities. It can also illuminate the path you’re navigating through.

Another notable feature of the RB37 is what Retevis call the Wireless Copy. It allows you to copy all the settings from one RB37 to another. It’ll save you a lot of time, especially if you’re in an emergency.

A red light will flash if the replication or data transfer is in progress. Once this red light switches to green, it’ll mean it’s done copying, and you can begin using the device.

Motorola TalkAbout Radio Review

Motorola still proves to be one of the leading manufacturers of walkie talkies by providing us with the TalkAbout Two Way Radio. It’s Bluetooth compatible, so you can connect it to a wireless headset to free your hands when listening or talking.

The TalkAbout Radio from Motorola also uses a Class D amplifier. You can expect it to produce high-quality, crisp sounds without the usual distortion from walkie talkies.

Motorola still proves to be one of the leading manufacturers of walkie talkies by providing us with the TalkAbout Two Way Radio. It’s Bluetooth compatible, so you can connect it to a wireless headset to free your hands when listening or talking.

The TalkAbout Radio from Motorola also uses a Class D amplifier. You can expect it to produce high-quality, crisp sounds without the usual distortion from walkie talkies.

Harsh weather conditions are also not a problem for this walkie talkie because of its durability. Whether it’s snow, rain, or dust, the TalkAbout Radio can withstand them all. That is why it received an IP-54 rating for weatherproofing.

It has built-in NOAA weather alert channels, and you can deliver or receive updates during emergencies. What makes this feature more reliable is that the two radios can communicate despite long distances as long as they’re within a 35-mile range from one another.

The battery is rechargeable with a capacity of 1300 mAh. This powers all the functions of the walkie talkie, including a built-in LED light for emergencies. It comes with mini-USB connectors, belt clips, charging adaptors, and an emergency-preparedness checklist.

Best Bluetooth Walkie Talkie Headsets, Earpieces, and Accessories

Now that you’ve got your amazing Bluetooth walkie talkie, you need a headset or earpiece to pair with it to complete your hands-free Bluetooth walkie talkie experience. We’ve got the best accessories for you to add here. 

Yideng Bluetooth Headset

The Yideng Bluetooth Headset is perfect for those who need a solid Bluetooth headset for easy hands free use, but maybe don’t want or need something as small as an earpiece. You could easily use this Bluetooth walkie talkie headset as an event planner, office worker, or on a motorcycle. It’s got a comfortable design and is also lightweight, but durable enough to also last for several years.

Best Bluetooth Walkie Talkie Earpiece

The New Bee Bluetooth earpiece is ideal for walkie talkie users who want a high performance earpiece at an affordable price. The New Bee brand is well respected for their technology and we like the easy compatibility between the walkie talkie and the New Bee Bluetooth earpiece. It has several color options as well as noise cancelling technology which makes it very easy to understand the audio even in somewhat loud environment at an affordable price!

Best Bluetooth Walkie Talkie Motorcycle Headset

The FodSports FX6 Motorcycle Bluetooth headset is the best overall for bike riders and other adventurous types because of its smart design and high-tech capabilities. You can pair this bad boy with up to the six other riders in a group for easy communication. It’s got solid waterproofing and also The sound quality is fairly high and consistent even as you ride with your gang. It has noise reduction and protection for your ears as well.

Best Bluetooth Earpiece for Baofeng Walkie Talkie

We recommend the HB-6A for Baofeng users who want a Bluetooth walkie talkie earpiece to pair with their Baofeng BF-888S, Baofeng UV-5R, or Baofeng UV-82. It’s well designed and fits easily in the ear, and offers solid sound for up to 10 meters of distance. It’s great for hands-free use if you’re on the go. This is a great option to pair with the very popular Baofeng line of two way radios.

Best Bluetooth Walkie Talkies Conclusion

We hope you’ve enjoyed our reviews of the best Bluetooth walkie talkies and accessories on the market today. All of these two way radios are truly Bluetooth enabled and will meet your needs – there’s no BS or fake promise of Bluetooth connectivity like you find at some other review websites. Whether you go with the Motorola T800 or the Cobra PR562BLT, you’re getting Bluetooth communication which will help you go hands-free and enhance your experience!

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